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  1. M

    FS: The Real McCoy's Buco J-24 (BJ21101) size 40 and 42

    Hello All! Previously put up a Delraiser that I decided to keep after giving the infamous J-24 a thorough try. The fit just doesn't work for me. Details for both below: Size 40: Bought off eBay in good, used condition. Received on 12/11/23. Only tried on a few times in the home. Shows...
  2. M

    FS: The Flat Head Delraiser - BNWT size 42

    Hello All! Selling my brand new with tags/ unworn, Flat Head Delraiser size 42. Bought at Self Edge a month ago. Went down the double rider rabbit hole wanting a Fine Creek Leon but wound up with this instead. Then got a J-24 and just liked the weight of the heavier leathers more for two...
  3. AlexB

    Field Leathers Customized Manhattan / Classic J-24 Review

    Hey everyone, It's been a while since I posted the last time, but I thought my latest leather jacket addition might be worth to be shared. Being a motorcyclists myself, I always had a soft-spot for the classic asymmetrical biker jacket. However, I never pulled the trigger on a D-pocket...
  4. M

    Will a teacore black Real McCoy's Buco J-24 turn completely brown over time?

    Can someone tell me if a black RMC J-24 will entirely change into brown over time or would it keep its original black color but only show brown in high wear areas?
  5. U

    J-24 Style Jacket (Y2, Double Helix & RMC)

    Hello Guys, This forum is recommended to me by Reddit and I’ve been here pretty often to get some inspiration. I like all 3 J-24 styled jackets RMC, Y2 (HR-55) Leathers and Double Helix (Innovator). My Problem is that all dealers are at least 700km away from me so I can’t really go out and...
  6. W

    Real McCoy's Buco J-24 vs. J-24L

    Has anyone here handled the Real McCoy's Buco J-24 AND the J-24L and can speak to size differences, other than length? Online resources suggest there may be some differences in the body and shoulder, but I'd like to confirm. Thanks.
  7. Camaro1967

    WTB: Lost World's J-24

    Looking for the 4+oz stuff, ideally in a size 44 or 46. Maybe a 42 if the measurements work. Color is open. Prefer horsehide over other hides. Crown zippers would be nice. New or used doesn't matter. Whatcha got?
  8. Jejupe

    Question for Lost Worlds J-23/J-24 size 46 and 48 owners

    I’m in process of getting one of these, and I’d like to know how the measurements change from size 48 to 46. So if you you have one of these beauties in these sizes, I’d like to know pit to pit and shoulder measurements. If you have standard length, also back and sleeve measurements are of...
  9. E

    Vintage Buco Jacket 1940's Label J-24 Style ? Age? Value? Help ? Value ?

    I have had this jacket 20+ years. I am trying to date it and find out what kind of leather it is. The label on the jacket was made in the 40's I believe. Jacket looks like a j-24 possibly. black quilted lining. Some of the pockets insides are a red and black fabric and some are just leather...

    Vintage Buco J-24 Pricing

    I'm looking at jackets, found something in a good size and it appears to have just sold for $800 (I found out thanks to watchcount.com). Is this a hell of a deal, or am I missing something...
  11. AMan

    Modding my 1951 Hercules D-Pocket to resemble studded Buco J-24 from Tanaka book

    For awhile now, I've admired this studded Buco J-24 D-Pocket from one of Rin Tanaka's books. Tanaka calls it "The coolest leather jacket of this century." Here are some photos: Lost worlds makes a reproduction of this jacket, but its $2350. (Not to mention the heavy leather.) So I decided to...
  12. 41eiffel

    Buco J-24H

    Hello, I cannot find any information about this Buco jacket. Appears to be a j-24, with elastic stretch band, no belt loops - maybe a J24-H from the early 60s ? the cut seems very long What's the value for this king of jacket in good used condition ? 300$ - 500$ - 1000$ - 1500$ ? Thanks in...

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