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  1. P

    WTB/Help wanted to build my winter heavy leather jacket

    Hello TFL, I come to you folks for advice after scouring makers upon makers, second-hand marketplaces and Paris thrift stores. Some of you may have seen me in the "ask a question get an answer" thread asking about a vintage heavy FQHH Grais with quilted lining in my quest for my winter/colder...
  2. T

    For sale: Fine Creek Leather Leon custom, size 44, black

    For sale: my FCL Leon custom, size 44, black
  3. A

    Dear friends, I need your professional help

    Good afternoon, dear friends, I really want to find this particular leather jacket or an identical one that will be 99.9% similar to this jacket. I've been looking all over the internet for over a month and can't find it. Can you help me find this model? Many thanks for considering my request.
  4. M

    FS Goodwear 1933 Werber A2 size 44

    Hi everyone, Up for sale is a catch and release. Only tried on but unfortunately a little too big. Wonderful russet color Italian horse hide with lots of nice grain. Quite light and easy to wear. I believe this was the second contract by Werber. Has lots of cool details making it a very unique...
  5. M

    Good Wear Star Sports A2 size 42 fits 44s

    Hello, I’m reluctantly selling this beauty but could use the money. John made this for me in April this year. It’s not even been worn outside the house. Practically brand new with some minor scuffs here and there. All knits are nice and itchy and the leather is soft pliable but still...
  6. M

    For sale Custom made storm rider leather jacket

    This is a very interesting jacket. I make it with the famous strom rider as the version. It is made of cow leather, with a primary color collar and a dark blue body. The buttons are all antique silver coins. Price:550$(including freight) shoulder:46cm,armpit to armpit:55cm,sleeve...
  7. K

    Lewis Leathers 402T Black Sheepskin sz44 (Like New - Japan Exclusive)

    Selling 402T Lightning as I bought the wrong size. Retails 198,000yen (~1470usd). Pretty much brand new. Incredible price if you're in the market for a Lewis Leathers jacket. The sheepskin on this is second to none. Tagged 44 but Japan version fits slimmer, more like 42. 1.1mm Vegetable-tanned...
  8. N

    Help dating a leather jacket - Zipp zipper

    I’m looking for some help identifying the age of this leather jacket with a Zipp zipper. I’ve not been able to find an example of this type of zipper on any online photos. I was presuming the jacket was 70’s but I’m not so sure- definitely has an older feel with the lining and label. Any help...
  9. M

    FS: Like New Schott NYC Perfecto 618hh Black Biker Jacket (size 36)

    I recently purchased this like new 618hh off of grailed and fell in love with it. unfortunately I am a size 38 so I’d like to re-sell quickly so I can purchase a 38 from a friend’s local shop!! This is a steal imho. The jackets minor flaw is SLIGHT wear on the collar (pictured). While it still...
  10. K

    For SALE or TRADE: Fountainhead Leather Beta Jacket size 44 in Burgandy Shinki Horsehide

    Fountainhead Leather Beta Jacket size 44 in Burgandy Shinki Horsehide. Nothing much to say about this grail jackets except brand new and unique jacket. I’m asking $2000 + shipping for this one. They are brand new with tag. Really deep burgandy is really beautiful and quite rare. Accept trade...
  11. Thizam

    Orgueil Car Coat - Black Leather, size: 46 Japan, 56 US

    New Orgueil car coat for sale. I visited Tokyo and stumbled upon this jacket at the Orgueil store near Omotessando. It is absolutely beautiful; the quality is absolute top notch. Unfortunately at the time the store only stocked small sizes so I ended up leaving my name and email with the hope...
  12. K

    FS The Flat Head Deerskin Jacket

    I have this The Flat Head Deerskin Jacker size 40 perfect light-weight jacket for summer!! There is no damage on both the deerskin and the liner except for little water stain. This jacket feel really comfortable to wear and the unique grains on the deerskin is hard to beat. If you ask me a its a...
  13. K

    FS/Trade Rare Joe McCoy STEINBECK size40 Black Shinki Horsehide Grail Jacket

    Having this guy up for Sale/Trade this Rare Joe McCoy STEINBECK size40 Black Shinki Horsehide really good condition. A Grail Endgame Jacket. I bought this brand new, barely worn mostly in the office. Still have everything that come with it including Real McCoy Wooden hanger, Tag, and bill of...
  14. Jsparks49

    Aero leather horsehide teamster

    I’m redoing this post due to a misleading size on the sleeve length. I’m selling this wonderful teamster for roughly what I paid for it. Excellent fqhh (front quarter horsehide) Aeros excel lent Black that gives way to the brown underneath. Nice corduroy hand warmers, placket and wrist...
  15. Mr.Leong

    My Leather Jacket Collection: McCoys and More

    My current leather jacket Collection: 1) The Real McCoy’s BUCO J-24 2) TOYS McCoy A2 “Heavenly Body” 3) Maison Margiela 5 Zips (France) 4) Neighborhood Strabler (Japan) Show me a photo of your best/ favourite leather jacket and also let me know what you think in the comment below!
  16. clarky

    HimelBros "The Wolverine" Grizzly Jacket Size 42

    Hello All, Up for sale is this Wolverine Grizzly Jacket from himelbros 2000USD Shipped to anywhere around the world. PayPal No Measurements yet but feel free to send me a message and i'll measure it and then i'll just post that measurement here. EDIT: Measurements up now p2p: 22 inch (55CM...
  17. K

    FS: The Real McCoy's J100

    Gently used J-100 from The Real McCoy's. Vegetable tanned horsehide from the shinki hikaku tannery in Japan. It is teacore. It's all black right now, so no brown is currently showing anywhere. Silk lining. I bought this jacket from their main store in Tokyo a couple years ago. These cost about 2...
  18. Golshy

    Fine Creek Leathers Leon Custom Size 40

    Hello :) First time posting anything here so I hope I'm doing this right! I'm selling my black leather jacket made by Fine Creek Leathers for $1600 USD. The model of the jacket is the Leon Custom and features a more minimal look with the removal of the belt and epaulettes. This is an...

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