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    Question about colors and polishing leather boots(Black Cherry)?

    I need some advice concerning polishing Black Cherry cowboy boots from Lucchese. I got a pair(the Gavin) in Black Cherry, and noticed a scuff, so I went to polish them, using a little bit of Black polish from Saphir. I wasn't sure if doing this made my boots darker or not, but I worried it could...
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    Are Caiman boots difficult to keep in nice condition?

    I was really looking into getting a nice pair of Lucchese Caiman boots, namely these: Charles I wanted this boot for a while and were going to treat myself to something nice and get it. But I wondered what people thought of it and especially if Caiman is hard to keep in nice condition. Is it...
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    How difficult is it to polish Lucchese Black Cherry colored boots?

    I always loved that Black Cherry color that Lucchese has for some of their cowboy boots, but I've had one worry concerning buying a pair in that color. I've heard that specific color can be really difficult as far as maintaining with polish, and my fear would be that eventually the color would...

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