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  1. F

    Peacoat / Pea coat throat latch pattern

    Some time ago, I was looking for a pattern for the detachable throat latch that was a feature of Navy overcoats before & during WWII (including the enlisted peacoat & officer’s bridge coat). These were needed to keep the fold-down collar in the upright position during windy, cold, and rainy...
  2. D

    Gentleman Luxe Mint Condition Crombie Coat Navy Blue

    Gentleman Luxe Mint Condition Crombie Coat Navy Blue Size 46 Asking Price $350.00 USD The item of sartorial interest listed is a lined double breasted overcoat from Crombie of Aberdeen, Scotland in like new condition featuring horn buttons, three button cuffs that would be easy for a tailor...
  3. yolo462140

    Where YOU can buy heavy overcoats today (28oz-32oz)

    As we all know overcoats/peacoats of heavyweight (28oz-32oz) aren't the norm anymore, so I'd like to share where you can find them . First, I'd look on Ebay for coats from the 1950s-1960s as they look to be more substantial. Other places include: Hockerty, they sell custom overcoats of 28oz...
  4. yolo462140

    Where can I buy a 20-32oz overcoat in charcoal or brown?

    Preferably that isn't from Ebay or Etsy Looking for an overcoat in dark brown in 32oz pref. Thanks!
  5. Geekrobot

    FS: Phillip Lim Shawl Collar Camel Color Overcoat - Extra Small

    3.1 Phillip Lim Shawl Collar Camel color Wool Overcoat / Peacoat Size: US XS / EU 42 / 0 Color: Camel Condition: Gently used $400 OBO Amazing Philip Lim Overcoat I purchased in 2015. It is a unique nude tan / camel/ beige wool with a warm black cotton and wool shawl collar that you can fold...
  6. vwdolly

    Tweedmans - Men's Vintage Clothing, Suits, Tweed and Formal Attire

    Hello all, I own and run Tweedmans, an online UK store dedicated to men's classic & vintage clothing and accessories. We sell high quality men's vintage clothing, suits and accessories and a huge range of genuine Harris Tweed jackets for sale. Website address on my profile page, or just search...
  7. S

    Next leather overcoat or jacket - seeking advise

    Dear forum members, Though I have tried to do my homework through reading well over a hundred forum posts, I need to ask some advice in choosing my next leather coat. Before I state my set of questions with some background, then more functional objectives. I am 48 years, 175 cm tall, weighing...
  8. 225sam

    Dating Vintage Overcoats

    I looked around and couldn't find anything that answered my questions. I recently acquired an antique Robert Hall overcoat, based on time the company was in business it had to be made between the years 1937 to 1977. I'm considering selling this coat and the more information I can get the better...
  9. Bigbenbs

    A new Aero overcoat?

    Hi all, The addiction is real. I've just fallen in love with my first aero jacket and am already thinking about putting in an order for my second. But like all the other junkies who populate this site, I've got a knock down argument for why the next purchase is totally necessary. The main...
  10. Rus839

    China people's liberation army coat

    Do you know if this coat in the picture is genuine or a replica ? because I never see this type of coat with sheepskin lining and usually these are replicas but the seller tell that is an original army coat

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