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simmons bilt

  1. S

    Eastman Leather B6 Roughout Size 44

    B6 Roughout in a 44..Unreal jacket but just cant pull it off. 800GBP plus postage. Located in UK but willing to ship worldwide as long as postage and insurance is paid by yourself. More pictures will follow folks but currently away from home. Thanks! Scott
  2. C

    Aero? Simmons Bilt? Looking for my "Forever Leather Jacket"

    Hello! I came here from Reddit. They referred me to The Fedora Lounge, as this seems to be the place where the experts and enthusiasts are. So here's my very first post... I've been searching for my "forever jacket" at age 40, as a future reward for my own weight loss... and unfortunately this...
  3. TheWickerMan

    FS: Simmons Bilt Fortune Hunter (Custom)

    Hi all, Looking to sell a Simmons Bilt Fortune Hunter jacket. I bought it at the beginning of this year from eBay and although I really like it, I feel it's just a bit too short for me - it's a size 42. The custom aspect(s) of it are the two chest pockets and the fact that it might be made out...
  4. R

    Simmons Bilt Cordovan Leather Jacket with problems

    I have bought this jacket from a seller on eBay. When it arrived it smells of washing powder, I contacted the seller about this and he assured me that it has never been in a washing machine and has been dry cleaned. The inside of the collar appears to be a different shade to the rest of the...
  5. H

    FS/FT: B3 Alexander Leathers/ Simmons Bilt

    Hello Fellows, Compared to my previous Aero B3 and Eastman Roughwear, this one is way warmer due the length of the sheepskin and the strips are so thick that you don't have to worry about them looking so curled up. The jacket is lined with 22mm sheepskin, making it suitable for winter...
  6. Dansvintage

    FS: Simmons Bilt Roadster Italian Natural Vegtan Horsehide new

    FOR SALE Selling my new Simmons Bilt Roadster made of their well known Italian veg tanned horsehide. I wanted a snug fit but have chosen too snug. - standard collar - antique brass hardware - slanted zipped chest pocket left - inside pocket on right side - two hand Warner pockets (no zipper)...
  7. Silasmoon

    Simmons Bilt - Brown Horsehide - Size 44 - Brand New

    I am selling a brand new - never worn - Simmons Bilt jacket. Sadly it's too large for me, and I cannot return it as I had a front pocket and pocket zippers removed from the standard Detroit model. It also has the back yoke of a Roadster. It's a size 44, Detroit, with some design modifications...
  8. Cognoscente

    FS Simmons Bilt Tailgunner size 40

    For sale size 40 Simmons Bilt Tailgunner brand new with tags. Bought it directly from SB, but then I committed to another jacket that is a similar style. As you can see, there are no elbow creases or any signs of wear. It is made with black veg-tanned Italian teacore horsehide with Riri zippers...
  9. Pandemic

    Custom Simmons-Bilt Cross Zip fit- seeking opinions

    Hi all. I ordered a semi-custom S-B with my sleeve and body length measurements. My chest is an actual 38” (6’ tall) and they sent me a jacket tagged size 38 but it still seems very roomy. I emailed them 7 days ago but have not received a reply to that or any of the (polite) follow-ups I sent. I...
  10. MoFo

    My first made to Order Leather Jacket - Simmons Bilt Type A-2 Blattwerk Veg Tan Horsehide

    Hi all! :) I did it! I've ordered my first made to order leather jacket. From SB. And it's amazing! To be continued...
  11. P

    FS: Like New Himel Bros x Orvis Limited Edition Northlander Railroad Jacket Medium

    Like New Himel Bros x Orvis Limited Edition Northlander Railroad Jacket Italian Oxblood Steerhide Images: https://imgur.com/a/2t4H74z Size: Medium (Note: size medium roughly corresponds to a traditional 38-40. Detailed measurements are contained in the photos) Cotton Lining in the...
  12. K

    Brand new Lewis Leathers, used Alexander Leathers, Vanson, Avirex and Matchless leather jackets

    Hi there I have been urged by the Mrs to get rid of some jackets from my collection following the collapse of one of my industrial strength rails due to the shear weight of the jackets. I have tried my best to take the best photos and included measurements. Please feel free to contact me...
  13. P

    Selling Simmons Bilt ANJ-4 Shearling Jacket Nearly New Size 44

    Hi All, I sadly do not wear this jacket enough to justify keeping it. It retails for over $1200.00USD (Simmons Bilt prices are their website are in Pounds) through Simmons Bilt with all the upgrades on it (horsehide, double button, etc...etc...). Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1smPlBY...
  14. oskar

    Simmons Bilt. Which leather?

    Hello everyone ... I will get my first "real" leather jacket. It will be a black cafe racer from simmons bilt. However, I am not sure which leather I should pick. 1. What is our experience with the clayton black horsehide or the clayton vintage black? 2. What do you think about the modena...
  15. R

    First Aero Premier Highwayman leather jacket advice? + interior pockets

    Hi everyone, I've lurked on these forums for awhile because they're a great resource. Only now that I have decided to buy a relatively expensive leather jacket have I created an account to ask for some advice. I'm from England, but I happened to be in Scotland last week so I decided to stop by...
  16. K-Pants

    New Jacket: Simmons Bilt Detroit

    SB Detroit Model, sans zippered chest pocket Leather: Horsehide by Clayton of Chesterfield, Black Lining: Black Military Viscose Zipper: 8# RiRi Once upon a time I owned a double-rider but did not appreciate the belt, the epaulets and the jangling chains. So I got rid of it quickly and decided...

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