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storm rider

  1. Geekrobot

    FS: Vintage ca 1960s Lee Storm Rider 101LJ Denim Jacket - Troy Mills Lining Original

    Hi FL friends, I have for sale a size 36 regular vintage Lee Storm Rider 101 LJ denim / jean jacket. Overall it's in great shape for a ~60 year old jacket! Asking $650 USD Paypal F&F shipped in the US, international shipping please contact me. Available locally in NYC / NJ. I bought it in 2019...
  2. Trystero

    Lookin' for a Storm Rider

    Hi all, Thought I'd ask the brains trust... I'm looking for a high quality Storm Rider repro, are there any current makers that you'd recommend? Current front runner is the Studio d'Artisan Ranch Jacket. Thanks! Tom
  3. W

    Lee 101 Leather Storm Rider Leather Jacket

    Hi guys. This is my first post in this forum, which is selling an item. Hope I'm doing it right. I purchased a Lee 101 Leather Storm Rider Leather jacket from Cultizm.com last year. It is indicated as a limited edition. Here is the original product website...

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