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Lee 101 Leather Storm Rider Leather Jacket


New in Town
Hi guys.

This is my first post in this forum, which is selling an item. Hope I'm doing it right. I purchased a Lee 101 Leather Storm Rider Leather jacket from Cultizm.com last year. It is indicated as a limited edition. Here is the original product website: https://europe.lee.com/int/101-leather-jacket-l97rxc01.html
However, when I received it, I found it too heavy and hot for me right out of the box. It is made of very thick and heavy cowhide and a blanket lining, and unfortunately, I live in Texas. I didn't wear it at all. So I'm listing it for $400. However, I accept offers. I don't sell stuff a lot, so I don't really know if this price is good enough. This is like $50 lower than the price I purchased it. And I can pay for the shipping.
Size is large, measurement is:
Chest 57cm
Shoulder 50,5cm
Sleeve 66,5cm
Back 65cm
Please feel free to let me know for further questions.


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