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  1. D

    J.Crew Ludlow Navy Cashmere Suit Coat - Tagged 44 Long - Tailored

    J.Crew Ludlow Navy Cashmere suit coat - Tagged Size 44 Long. Style #34394. The body length was shortened about 1” to 1.25” and is more along a regular length in the body but the sleeves are consistent with long size sleeves. Asking $140 OBO. Cross listed. In very good used condition...
  2. VelahrnDaoine

    Bespoke informal suit

    Hello I have always wanted a suit like the vintage ones from the '20 and '30, with pleats, half belt and action back. Unfortunately, you cannot buy a new one, and, living in Poland means that you cannot find a vintage one. So I decided to order a bespoke suit with all that desired features...
  3. Jonathan Haart

    1960s Grey/Blue Tweed 3 Piece Suit, Dandy, Vintage, Mod, 60s, Burton

    Currently got this listed on EBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174609205351 1960’s 3 piece Burton’s tweed suit
  4. W

    Vintage Suit Brands

    Could we put together a list of suit brands that were known for their quality around 1880s-1940s? Thanks!
  5. Anthony_Eden

    To show shirts' cuffs or not to show...

    ... that is the question. Dear fellow members, I apologize if this has already been covered extensively, as it is a classic question but cannot find a really in-depth answer. So I would like to detail it further, and suggest to have it properly substantiated mainly with 1920-40's evidences and...
  6. Zachary

    Experiences with Walker Slater?

    Good evening Gentlemen, By recommendation of a friend, I became aware of the Edinburgh, Scotland-based firm Walker Slater. They mainly produce tweed suits. Does anyone of you know this firm? Is it recommendable? What are your buying / wearing experiences with Walker Slater? Thank you in...
  7. W

    This suit's material?

    Hello, Can you help me identify the exact fabric and style of material used for this suit. And if you know it, can you tell me the price to tailor it (made to measure)?

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