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  1. LordOfLeather

    Lochcarron Tartan Lining Issue and Advice

    I bought my first Aero not too long ago and posted about it here. It’s a Board Racer in Dark Seal Vicenza with a Lochcarron Tartan Lining. I absolutely love this jacket. The leather, the fit, the quality — it’s all superb. BUT, I’ve noticed the lining catches on my shirt and makes it ride...
  2. D

    Gloverall Duffle Coat size 38 + Columbia Sportswear Leather Jacket size L

    Not as high end as the usual stuff here, but here are a Gloverall Duffle Coat size 38 and a Columbia Sportswear Leather Jacket size L. The duffle is tartan/blackwatch patterned inside and has horn (could be wood as one is chipping? Not entirely sure) toggles. I bought it used online, but it's a...
  3. Vezio

    Aero Premier Half Belt Review

    Hi, I am for a short time affiliate in Fedora Lounge. Last year I bought a "Aero Leather Premier Half Belt" jacket, that I will review. Everything I will write is only a set of subjective considerations, respect to my personal experience. I liked the Premier Half Belt because it's a pretty short...
  4. Witchtrip

    Need Aero Premier Highwayman customization advice

    Hello, This is my first post on TFL. I'm anxiously awaiting a fit jacket from Thurston Bros for my first custom Aero Premier Highwayman. I've been scouring the threads absorbing as much info as possible on the available options. I've pretty much got it sorted, but there are a couple of final...

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