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  1. A.B. Berman

    My Schott 141, size 44, brown, mid-'80s, to trade for a size 40

    Hello everyone. Even after cleaning and reconditioning by Arrow leather (which I found by lurking on Fedora Lounge), my size 44 Schott 141 is still too big, go figure. I decided to see if I could find a trade somehow. So having lurked on and enjoyed reading many interesting posts on this site...
  2. S

    For Trade: Langlitz Columbia

    I would like to trade my Langlitz Columbia for another of the same model. I don't know if many folks have a jacket like this, but I love the style and the leather (old not new style langlitz leather) and its just a shame this doesn't fit me anymore. I am looking for a jacket that's a slightly...
  3. K

    FS/Trade Rare Joe McCoy STEINBECK size40 Black Shinki Horsehide Grail Jacket

    Having this guy up for Sale/Trade this Rare Joe McCoy STEINBECK size40 Black Shinki Horsehide really good condition. A Grail Endgame Jacket. I bought this brand new, barely worn mostly in the office. Still have everything that come with it including Real McCoy Wooden hanger, Tag, and bill of...
  4. K

    WTS/Trade Vintage Real McCoy Type D-1 Jacket

    Selling a rare Real McCoy's Type D-1 Jacket. The jacket is still in great condition. The tag said that it's size Medium if you ask me it fit like around size 40 to 42. Across shoulders 47cm Pit to pit 55cm Back length 64cm Arm length 64cm Feel free to shoot me DM I also accept trade with...
  5. Dredgen Yor

    Real McCoy’s Buco J-24 size 40 to trade for 42 or Freewheelers San Mateo

    Looking to trade or sell my Real McCoy’s J-24 in size 40 lightly worn for a Size 42 or a Freewheelers San Mateo or centinela in 42, wildcard chance I know. Side note..I guess staying home for 3 months is not ideal for maintaining your current wardrobe as-is. 20.25” P2P 24.5” sleeve 17.75” shoulder
  6. StarFox

    For sale or trade Bloomingdale's Matchless Waxed Charley Leather Jacket

    Hello, Newbie here. I've been checking out this site for a while lusting over all the beautiful vintage leather jackets. I just bought my first A2 bomber that will be with me in a few days and ill post about it. I recently came across a Matchless waxed jacket I bought "second hand" from a...
  7. AbridgedPause

    Trade: Akubra Gymkhana, size 59

    Hello fellow loungers. Earlier this year I received my first Akubra hat as a gift from a friend who no longer wears hats. I am this hat's second owner. My friend bought this hat in the mid-1980's for $130 Canadian Dollars in a hat shop in Quebec City which has since closed (price written on the...

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