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  1. Flying V

    WTB Black Aero Highwayman or Motorcycle jacket Size 44-48

    Greetings! I'm new here. I'm searching for big size (44, 46, 48) Black Aero Highwayman jacket to buy. Maybe you thinking about selling yours - let me know please. Black CXFQHH will be perfect but i'll be glad to consider all the options. Motorcycle (Double Rider) with same specs is desirable...
  2. R

    WTB: Y'2 Leather Indigo Horse 2nd Type (Type 2) Jacket [IB-141]

    I'm strongly considering purchasing this jacket in size 40. Not buying new because I'm nowhere near a seller and I'd like to see pics of the actual jacket before I buy. I'm really hoping to get the version with the brown lining, as opposed to the olive lining. I'm located in the upper midwest...
  3. nejc_of_1930s

    WTB: 1930s-40s clothes or reproductions

    Hello everyone! I've been wearing vintage now for a while yet there are still some items missing in my wardrobe. I am based in Europe, 6'4 and i wear 38'' chest and 32'' waist (usually 38L due to my hight). So if you got the item that im after dont be shy to send me a PM with details! Im...
  4. I-Jusa-I

    WTB: Straight Zip CHP Jacket, 40-42

    Can't shake the feeling that I really, really need a Straight zip CHP type jacket. I'm located in EU but will gladly pay for shipping from the US if needed. I would also prefer steel / silver hardware instead of brass, but its not a deal breaker. I'm about 41 inches in the chest, 5 feet 10...
  5. P

    WTB/Help wanted to build my winter heavy leather jacket

    Hello TFL, I come to you folks for advice after scouring makers upon makers, second-hand marketplaces and Paris thrift stores. Some of you may have seen me in the "ask a question get an answer" thread asking about a vintage heavy FQHH Grais with quilted lining in my quest for my winter/colder...
  6. I

    Looking for a Leather jacket

    Hey gang, I'm on the hunt - So a little bit about me and this search - I used to ride motorcycles religiously. Track days, long road trips, canyon carving, street, adv and off road, you name it. Loved it. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, the journey came to an end like a lot of these stories...
  7. Raidersofthelostfedora19

    WTB: Raiders fedora by herbert johnson

    Hi guys I am new to the form and been looking around for a herbert johnson raiders poet for a couple years now, but they are so expensive that I can't get one, I'm looking for one for 200 to 250. If someone has onethey are willing to let go of new or vintage, I would greatly appreciate it...
  8. larevacholiere

    WTB: Looking for an Akubra Campdraft Deluxe 60 7 1/2

    Hi, Is there anyone want to sell his akubra campdraft deluxe? I know it's already been discontinued but I really love this model so I want to try here. I searched everywhere and even asked the Hattery if they still had my size, but found no luck. I'd like a campdraft deluxe in 60 (7 1/2) and I...
  9. I-Jusa-I

    WTB: Pike Brothers B15, Europe, size M

    Hey, Been looking for a quality cloth jacket and read some good things about the Pike Brothers B15 that Aero has for sale too. If anyone happens to have one lying around let me know. Other offers of B15s of similar price range also welcome! EU preferably.
  10. B


    i am new here. i have been scanning the threads but could not find any of what i am looking for. there is probably none or i just still don't understand how this site works. anybody letting go of their highwayman/boardracer, i am in search for one. thank you and blessed be!
  11. Chase Black

    Buying Vintage T Shirts and Jackets 60s-90s

    I am looking to buy vintage shirts and jackets. Message me if you think you have anything of interest. Here are some things I look for: Harley band and concert shirts disney sports wrestling surfing movie, tv nike snack promo cars
  12. Al Refaie

    WTB Ship John Wills jacket in waxed canvas size XXL

    Greetings as the title implies I'm looking to buy The Ship John Wills jacket in waxed canvas size XXL might be a long shot but I figure I'd give it a try, so if you're willing to part with one I'm buying! Kind regards Al
  13. Dredgen Yor

    Real McCoy’s Buco J-24 size 40 to trade for 42 or Freewheelers San Mateo

    Looking to trade or sell my Real McCoy’s J-24 in size 40 lightly worn for a Size 42 or a Freewheelers San Mateo or centinela in 42, wildcard chance I know. Side note..I guess staying home for 3 months is not ideal for maintaining your current wardrobe as-is. 20.25” P2P 24.5” sleeve 17.75” shoulder
  14. ElMasChangon

    WTB Anyone have a Jean Shop NYC leather jacket in size small?

    Hi all, I recently joined the forum and from what I gather, a lot of you are knowledgeable about the leather jacket market, brands, successes and issues. Thanks for creating this space. Currently I'm on the hunt for my next jacket. I already own a 60s brooks cafe racer (a tiny bit big) and that...
  15. P

    WTB Deck Jacket with alpaca lining size L or XL

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a deck jacket with an alpaca or some equivalent lining in size Large or XL. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
  16. M

    WTB Freewheelers LaBrea 42

    Hi, looking for a black LaBrea in size 42. Please message me if you're interested in selling one. Thanks, Mike
  17. Zeppo

    WTB: 7 1/2 Royal Stetson Whippet or Stratoliner-like hat in Dark Brown. Not Afraid to Pay

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a clean 7 1/2 Stetson Whippet, or Stratoliner (or Stratoliner-ish vintage Stetson) in dark brown. Not afraid to pay, and am ready to buy! Thanks

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