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Looking for a Leather jacket


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Hey gang, I'm on the hunt -

So a little bit about me and this search - I used to ride motorcycles religiously. Track days, long road trips, canyon carving, street, adv and off road, you name it. Loved it. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, the journey came to an end like a lot of these stories do, with an accident. It's a matter of when, not if, as it were. I was fortunate to walk away with my life and a full recovery (remarkably, no surgery), but after 7 broken bones, and some new road rash scars, I agreed to never ride again after a heart to heart with my family.

I focused on other hobbies, including weight lifting, and now 3 years later, I'm in a bit of a pickle in that, all of my old jackets don't fit. I went from a size 42 to a 48. It's a good opportunity to buy new things! Plus, my style interests have changed slightly, and I don't really want to walk around in a hardcore actual motorcycle leather jacket if I don't ride anymore. I wore a beautiful Triumph James Dean jacket for years - anyone who knows these coats, knows they were flippin stunning. Don't know why they labeled it James Dean, as it bears no resemblance to a coat he owned or wore, but still. They are great. Would love to find a size 52, but they are hard to come by.

So, that leaves me with a list of requirements, and google just showing me generic fashion and discount brands like leatherup. Thanks, but need something a little more unique, and high quality.

Here's what I'm looking for:
- A chocolate brown - cowhide, buffalo, or bison - anything thick and heavy. It will not be babied, and I'm looking for a lifetime piece.
- A bi-swing back - this is a must have for me - not only for comfort, but because it's a subtle nod to my motorcycle riding days - Plus I love the way it looks!
- A turn down collar - something akin to an indy - I'm not looking for a cafe racer anymore. I used to own a Fox Creek Leather grayson that was great, but this just isn't suitable for everyday wear to me any more.
- Zipper front
- Hand warmers
- Something to adjust the waist.

Seems simple enough, essentially just a half belt with a bi-swing back, but aero doesn't seem to have one in their catalogue, Coronado doesn't have a bi-swing back, fox creek doesn't make anything that's not a cafe racer, Vanson came really close with the Oxford, but I don't love the zipper gusset cuffs, and it only comes in black. I thought about getting something like a wested indy, but I'm not sure that that's exactly what I want. Lots of guys have indy's, and I'm not sure I want to go the movie homage/replica route.

Apologies for the long novel, but I figured, better to give too much info, than not enough. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Here's an exemple of a brown Oxford from Thurston Bros.
Maybe the cuffs could be altered?



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A DEL-66 with an action back or M200 from Johnson Leather would fit the bill. Lots of brown leather options and no zippers on the sleeve.


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Man, I love this forum. Thanks for th suggestions, gang!

I didn’t realize that you could get the Vanson in brown. I’ll email them and start looking at Johnson.


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Sounds like an Aero Highwayman to me. Pattern more than suitable for a weightlifter torso and with say CXL steer you’ll have the perfect beater to accomodate a „no-fuss“ lifestyle.

All your boxes are ticked safe for the bi-swing back, but I am optimistic Aero can do that on the HWM pattern upon request.


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Aero Sheene sound like it would fit the bill as well. You can add an action back and modify the sleeves, I believe. Talk to Carrie at Thurston.

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+1 for Johnson.

They have this M200-L jacket. Full action back, roomier upper body fit, longer body length than their slimmer riding length M200. Very confusing names, two totally different jackets.

Johnson M200L Measurements 0000.JPG

Johnson M200L Measurements 0001.JPG

I added an extra chest pocket on mine. Stock design has just one chest pocket.

They also got a very wide range of leather choices, let them know how thick and what kind and what color they can do it.

If you go the Thurston route just swing for the Seal Badalassi Aero, add a custom full action back to any design you'd like. I added a full action back to my cafe racer.

Will Zach

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I'll Lock Up
Vanson Oxford or Enfield. Unparalleled quality, best price. Sure, you can pay more for some other leather jacket but paying more is pretty much the only thing that's going to result in.



They don't even list this leather on their website which is odd, but I can vouch that Vanson makes a great jacket for the money


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If you are truly looking for a “lifetime piece”, then I would stick with Johnson.

That would be my take too. Fivestar certainly seem to (I've only seen them in pictures, so can't fairly comment) offer a great 'bargain' option, which might appeal especially if you want to experiment with a 'new' style, but all dome and said they are at the more budget end of the market. Johnson are a jump up in price with all that implies. I have never dealt directly with Johnson, but I do have a Johnson D pocket I bought used and with which I am very well pleased. Assuming it is typical of their quality, they are definitely a great buy.


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