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  1. J

    Looking for this jacket

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to the forum, so if I've posted this in the wrong place then I apologise! I found a long-sold jacket listing on here, and I adore the style, so I was hoping if anybody is looking to sell, or can point me in the direction of someone who is, then I might be able to find...
  2. I

    Looking for a Leather jacket

    Hey gang, I'm on the hunt - So a little bit about me and this search - I used to ride motorcycles religiously. Track days, long road trips, canyon carving, street, adv and off road, you name it. Loved it. Unfortunately, at the age of 27, the journey came to an end like a lot of these stories...
  3. Kopfhanger

    Looking for 100% felt hat Size 57

    Looking for a prefebly Akubra brown CD Size 57/ 58. Please let me know if you have one and want to part way with it. Preferably not creased and in good condition. If you have any 100% felt, open crown hats with 2 1/2 ~ 3 inch brim shoot me a reply or a pm. I am interested in any color except...
  4. B


    i am new here. i have been scanning the threads but could not find any of what i am looking for. there is probably none or i just still don't understand how this site works. anybody letting go of their highwayman/boardracer, i am in search for one. thank you and blessed be!
  5. D

    Looking for Role Club Engineers brannock size 8.5-9

    As the title says, I’m looking for a pair of Role Club engineers. I don't really have a particular color I'm looking for. If any of you guys have a pair in brannock size 8.5-9 that you’re willing to sell to me, please let me know, thanks!
  6. Helena Grace

    Scalloped Stratton Compact with Cream Enamel - searching for

    This is not something I am selling - I am in fact looking for it. I apparently cannot post in any of the other forums though, and I don't know where else to turn to to try to find it so....here goes. If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I have uploaded a picture of...

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