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Looking for expert opinion


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New here. Have been lurking around for few weeks.

I am itching to get a couple new leather jackets. Mainly for casual wear and to dress up with business casuals. I am in Texas so its gets quite hot in here and can probably wear them only 4 months in a year. I am generally between 36 to 38 (small) size, 5'10 height 130 lbs weigh so on the skinner side.

Given that, I prefer something more supple and mid weight but still good substantial feel. Don't want something which will take years to break in. Not looking for very fancy motorcycle ones as I want to be able to dress it up for maximum use.

I had set my eyes on Banana Republic ones below. Although they are not worth $600, I am sure I can find them for less than $350 in marketplaces. I have their Heritage Suede Trucker jacket and like it very much.

Here is where it gets complicated. Damn internet, after researching a bit I got Schott 530 and their Bespoke Roughout Jacket and liked it a lot. While searching landed on this forum and now contemplating getting a Thedi :) .

Do you think Thedi is good choice in my situation? Are they too heavy? Any Thedi style and leather recommendations? Given the Thedi price, anyone in similar situation regret getting it. Just trying to avoid getting something nice and not able to pull it off.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi, and welcome to the lounge.
Being the happy owner of 4 Thedi jackets, I can say that I don't regret any of them. Since they're custom made, and Thedi has a wide choice of models, leathers and linings, it will be pretty easy to find exactly what you want . For instance, one of mine is lined in light rayon which makes it suitable for the warmer months. You can take a look at their website to get an idea: https://thedi-leathers.com/product-category/jackets/ . I suppose your best option is to contact Carrie at Thurston Brothers.
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I loved my Thedi. Even though it was horsehide, it never felt crazy stiff like others I’ve had. It was a button-up one and easily worn with collared shirts and even ties.


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I have a Thedi peacoat, in veg tanned Italian horsehide, and a removable shearling liner. The shearlig liner makes it a good three-season jacket, even in Canadian winter. The Italian horsehide is soft, needs no break in, and does not squeak. And a peacoat is good for dressing up and down.

The cons? The price is steep, the shoulder is not perfect (for the price, tbh, I expected it to be flawless)

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