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Custom Thedi Buffalo Cafe Racer - fit advice needed


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ow would you possibly know this garment is not recommended for you?
Then I'm not allowed to shop online.
I buy online when I am very sure or can return it. Not in other cases.
You can moan and moan about the jacket and complain about how unfair the world is, or you can accept it and take it with you as a learning for the future.
Of course, I can also contact Thurston and see if there is a fair solution, even if I may not have a legal claim. In this case, there is no mistake, just a combination of circumstances.

Marc mndt

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How would you possibly know this garment is not recommended for you?
assuming OP wants to make one, and Thurston does also
Why should Thurston make a dispute? They were the ones who gave the advice (or omitted to do so).

Thurston shouldn't have recommended this jacket style (assuming what Theodoros said is true).

If I get a mortgage though a mortgage broker it's the broker who's responsible for ensuring that his advice is appropriate for my circumstances. If the advice is later shown to be defective it's the broker who's liable, not the bank.


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Guys I don't know if it's possible to return the jacket. OP hasn't even asked, and should ask. That was the first thing I said. 'Send the jacket back while you can' because you definitely can't if you spray it with water and stretch it.

Nor did I ever say a bad word about Thurston. Someone else dug into their T&C, and we've been arguing over whether there is cause or not. I'm sure Thurston is a great company.

The issue here is fundamentally about the response OP got from the maker. Which was something like 'it's your fault, you picked thr wrong jacket', paraphrased. It's about whether OP could reasonably ever have known, or should have known, the critical detail about the jacket pattern. From a picture.

In this case the response from the maker is taken as gospel, when for sure it isn’t. It's just one party saying 'not my problem'. I think there are many other contexts in which people would not accept such an answer, if it were them receiving it. And if there wasn't such a bias towards the maker it wouldn't be a debate. It says a lot if a patent dumping of responsibility or blame is what you get in response to a query at the end of a process, whether you want to say whole thing is an accident or not. It's a kind of 'gotcha'.

You want to say I'm being too hard on the maker, I say you're being way too easy. I just wanted there to be someone in OP's corner saying it wasn't necessarily OP's fault, the advice he got was bad, and would definitely result in having to keep the jacket.

I've said enough about this, so I'll stop. I appreciate everyone's point of view. Good luck OP.
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Peter Mackin

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Hello everyone. I just received my custom Thedi cafe racer in light brown buffalo and it looks stunning
When zipped up, it seems to fit well. Tight in the shoulders, especially since it's brand new and I'm not accustomed to the beeswax-laden buffalo hide.

HOWEVER, when I unzip the jacket, it "tips forward" for lack of better phrase, and poofs out badly in the back as you can see in the last photo. I feel it's my shoulders causing this effect, but am not positive.

My question to the group is - will this jacket relax after wear and start to fit better when unzipped or is this Thedi hide more "set in stone" than others and am I left with this fit? I will say I opted for viscose lining which probably doesn't help the slippage. Thanks for your input.
View attachment 610748

FIt when zipped: Nice fit, though I can't yet close the throat latch comfortably...
View attachment 610754

Fit when unzipped: Not so good. Jacket slips forward significantly
View attachment 610755
Imo,this jacket fits like a smock.if any of my jackets fit like this they would be returned or in the classifieds pronto.too long, the side pic i can't believe!!!!


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Well, I purchased through Thurston Bros so frankly I don't know what my options are here. Thedi didn't honor the chest zip request in the order either, and it shipped from Thurston, but Carrie is sending me some zips so I can try to install them. I'm not sure what to do yet...I guess I need some more time with the jacket to see if things settle in? Or I could just plan to use it as a bike-only jacket and always have it zipped though I cannot close the throat latch and comfortably wear the jacket.

People have had great theories and stories and I appreciate them. I'm not sure the jacket is heavier in the front, though possibly with the wind flap and internal pocket. It does seem to want to "lean" forward...so maybe that combined with the new leather and viscose interior exacerbates the fit quirk.

There is a definite gap in the back of the neck hole when I wear it zipped, which does lend some credence to the "pattern is for leaning forward" theory. View attachment 610966
Hello, curious to hear if this was resolved. What was the chest zipper request that was not honored? Did the fit process involve a front and side photo in a tight t-shirt or only photos in the fit jacket? Were there unzipped photos in the fit jacket process? Was the fit jacket the same model as what you ordered? I hope something is in the works to make you happy.

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