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Review of my new custom Thedi Cossack

Konrad Seifert

New in Town
So my custom Thedi jacket arrived yesterday...

(This is quite a read - I don´t mind if you just check out the photos and I would love to hear what you think)

A bit of background: I always wanted a Cossack jacket, but no matter which one I saw online or tried on in store, there was always at least one thing I didn't like.

Many were too blousy cut, too short, too long, mediocre construction, et cetera. I wanted a jacket with hand warmer pockets in a natural colored leather. Another thing that always bothered me was the collar, which is part of the Cossack Jacket but doesn't suit me very well. I was all the happier when I saw that Thedi also offers custom jackets and, as I saw from forum member Marc Mndt, also with other collar designs - thank you Marc.

I had once tried on a Cossack jacket from Thedi in a store in Berlin, which I really liked, but the armholes where the sleeves are attached to the torso were too tight and it had the typical collar. The leather, natural bruciato horse leather, was the most beautiful I had seen and felt on all the cossacks I had tried on.

I got in touch with Theodoros and he agreed to make me a jacket to my specifications.

Not even 5 months later, I am now holding the jacket in my hands.

The workmanship is incredible. Every stitch fits, the jacket is full of small, meaningful details that testify to Theodoro's decades of experience. No loose threads, the lining fits perfectly, sturdy buttons, not a single flaw. Two weeks ago I was able to marvel at my first Freewheelers leather jacket at DC4 and can justifiably claim that the Thedi can easily keep up.

The leather is exactly how I wanted it. Natural horse hide that develops quickly and will only become more beautiful with time. I'm already looking forward to the evolution after the first rain, even if I'm not going to push it. The color has so many nuances, depending on the light (even more in photos).

I gave Theodoros my measurements and had my girlfriend, who is also a qualified fashion designer, measure me. For me, the fit that Theodoros conjured up from the measurements and 2 photos of me is simply fantastic.
I gained 4 or 5 kilos since I provided the measurements due to an injury which kept me from running for a few month, but eventually I'll lose the weight again. When this has been taken care of and the jacket is broken in, the fit is going to be perfect, I believe.

I ordered the jacket for more dressed up outfits, but it also works with boots, blue jeans ad a white T-shirt.

I would love to hear your opinions.




I'll Lock Up
I think it's a great fit, i also think you have slightly denatured the jacket by making it that tight at the waist and making the side straps purely decorative. It gives it a LL Dominator vibe from the back.
I like the traditional look of the crumpled sides on a Campus style jacket...
It's still a very nice jacket, enoy it.


One Too Many
The jacket fits perfectly. A belt with a brass buckle is a good combination with a jacket.

I especially like the way the jacket with blue jeans fits

Konrad Seifert

New in Town
Thank you everyone for the nice comments. The temperatures in Berlin is very leather jacket friendly for this time of the year so I´m getting to wear it more than I was expecting. The leather has already softened up and the jacket is now a lot more comfortable to wear. I will post some update pictures when I find the time to take some decent ones.

Konrad Seifert

New in Town
Hey man, that's a wonderful jacket with a great fit aswell. I was torn between buffalo and horsehide actually, especially after Theodoros told me that there is delay because the hides were not delivered. Looking at yours I could have very well gone with the buffalo without having been disappointed.

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