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leather jacket

  1. S

    Chest size vs Jacket size?

    Hello all. Trying to determine which leather motorcycle jacket size to get if my chest measures about a 37. Do I get a 38 or a 40? Wanting to get a true vintage ‘50s made leather motorcycle jacket and want to have the fit that they had back then as well. Any suggestions on what the pit to pit...
  2. Observe

    Sears Oakbrook D Pocket Black Leather Jacket Size 42 $300 Shipped CA/US

    I bought this Sears Oakbrook D Pocket off a fellow member here back in May for $300. I'm hoping to also sell it for $300 shipped CA/US. I've worn it a handful of times since but it is in the exact same good condition as when I bought it. It pains me slightly to be selling such a cool piece but...
  3. S

    Looking for size 38 1950’s leather jacket

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  4. S

    Looking for Size 38 ‘50s Leather Motorcycle jacket!

    Hey guys! Looking for a 1950s black leather motorcycle jacket roughly size 38 in the classic Brando type style. Measurements for the jacket would be around: Pit to pit: 20 in Shoulder to shoulder: 17 in Sleeve: 24 in or so Length from bottom of collar to end of jacket: 23 in or so Please let...
  5. R

    Selling black Vicenza Aero Sheene jacket

    Hello all, I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this. But I am selling my black Vicenza sheene jacket. I got the jacket brand new earlier this year (mid March) and have just not fallen in love with it like I hoped. Unfortunately it is just not meshing with my style. It’s in great...
  6. I

    Problem solved

    Thank you .
  7. Observe

    Levis Type III Black Leather Trucker Jacket (fits size L/42-44, see measurements) $200USD Shipped US/CA

    Selling this approximately 40 year old Levi's type III I purchased earlier this year from another member here. Selling to cut down on my collection. Jacket is in good shape, save for a rip in the button hole of the left cuff which has been repaired. It was in this condition when I bought it. The...
  8. IndianaStan

    New Wested Finally Came

    After a six week wait, my latest jacket from Wested finally arrived. If you remember, I ordered a custom Raiders jacket in goatskin back in May and not long after, placed an order for the Kingsman jacket in brown cowhide. Out of the bag, the jacket is soft and pliable which will make the...
  9. E

    Aero Leather Dustbowl brown Kelpie - Fit Check

    Hi, all those who are not indifferent to leather jackets ! last week I received a jacket from Aero Leather - Dustbowl brown Kelpie - from ready-to-wear stock. https://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/stock/dustbowl--brown-kelpie-hh--38----s-5779/s-5779 The sizes indicated on the site correspond to...
  10. S

    Wear Gustin L3 Horween CXL Color #8 Size 36 Jacket

    Up for sale is a gorgeous Gustin leather jacket in Horween CXL color 8. This is the L3 model which seems to be their take on the classic cafe racer style. The leather is very thick, and this jacket is HEAVY. (over 5 lbs of solid leather!) Frankly, it's a little too heavy for me. There are no...
  11. U

    Johnny depp unfinished raw natural leather jacket from crock of gold.

    Hi, I’m trying to find this jacket that Johnny depp wore for the crock of gold premiere. It looks like unfinished leather. I love the pouch pockets on it. And I like the color as it will darken as it ages. Does anyone know who on earth makes or made this jacket? What brand is it? It’s impossible...
  12. D

    FS: Eastman Leather WWII Type A-2 Size 44 XL - Monarch contract

    Eastman Leather WWII Type A-2 Size 44 XL (Extra Long) - Monarch contract. Beautiful horsehide. Asking $849 OBO. If you are looking up the Eastman Leather A-2 contract reproductions, the quality and value of these jackets goes without saying. This is a well but gently worn and broken in Monarch...
  13. G


    Hello. Want to sell my Schott P571 Cafe Racer. Felt great in the shop but I should have went one size larger. Worn at around the house primarily to break it in and a weekend or two out. No scratches or issues. Just bought a new leather that fits so looking to finally get this one out to...
  14. R

    Aero sheene black Vicenza elbow stretching

    Hello all, I received my custom aero sheene about a month ago, it fits great (thanks to some awesome advice from everyone here) and is breaking in and becoming very comfortable. My only issue is that the elbows are almost bagged out, I tried looking up this issue and couldn’t find anything...
  15. B

    Aero Seven Custom - Recommendations

    Hi All, Very excited to post here for the first time after putting down a deposit for custom Aero Seven with Thurston. I’ve always wanted to go the custom route given my appreciation for craftsmanship and that I’ve had a hell of a time finding a jacket that fits (6’4 190bs with a long torso). I...
  16. Observe

    Johnson Leathers CHP Cross-zip, size 46 $225

    Bought this Johnson CHP cross-zip off eBay a couple weeks ago. It arrived late last week, and unfortunately it's too big for me, so it's going to be a catch and release. I paid $225 USD plus shipping/customs; I'm hoping to recover as close to the original purchase price as possible. It's a...
  17. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Green Leather Jackets

    Hello everyone, I hope you've all been well. Today I was on a trucker jacket thread, and I steamrolled the conversation and steered it toward green jackets (and then sheepskin jackets). My apologies to everyone involved. Anyway, it got me thinking about green leather jackets in general. What do...
  18. J

    Freewheelers Mulholland Size 44 4000AUD

  19. OmarHashem

    FS: Lost Worlds Speed Demon Horsehide Leather Jacket (New), sz 44R, Crown Zippers

    Motorcycle Horsehide Leather Jacket - Speed Demon - By Lost Worlds New, unworn. Shipped from Egypt. Since I am new here, and to ensure mutual peace of mind, kindly proceed using this ebay listing if interested...
  20. B

    Custom leather jacket maker options?

    Anyone has experience with "VintageLeatheDesigns" on Etsy? It's a Hong Kong-based shop. I am digging this cafe racer. Four things that line with preferences: - Schott caf1 style front zipper - hand warmer pockets - single back panel - the ability to customize the length to fit a tall person...

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