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Vintage Aero 1987-1988 Connolly Highwayman Jacket!

Donald Tsang

New in Town
An Aero Highwayman in Connolly hide that was both in my size and good condition has been a grail of mine for a few years. I am ecstatic to be able to finally have it in hand and experience the hide!

Even during my original search a few years back, I have never been a huge leather jacket wearer. In fact, I don't think I owned one in my wardrobe at all previously. Maybe because I felt like I couldn't pull it off and that it didn't fit my style, but deep down, I knew there is something so inherently cool about a leather jacket. I will say I do love my boot leathers and raw denim so maybe it was always a question of when. Fast forward a few years to now, I'm not sure what happened but I stumbled upon this listing from eBay and knew I had to snap it up!

Once it arrived through the post, I rushed to try it on! Right off the bat, the fit on body with a tee looks solid I must say. Personally, the sleeves are a touch too short, especially when lifting my arms up, but it's not horrendously short. Shoulders fit great. The chest seems to be quite close if that makes sense, as in it would be slightly difficult to get a nice mid-weight layer underneath. It's also difficult to do a hugging motion, but I guess that's how a leather jacket behaves. The length seems to be good!

Other than the fit, I love the drape and grain of the Connolly hide. The wool (donegal tweed?) lining is in perfect condition and warm too. It lives up to the hype! Ken confirming it is actually Connolly hide from 87-88 and the fact rose oil was used in its tonnage makes it super cool. I'm in two minds on whether to keep it to start off my collection... the fit isn't perfect but not bad at all. Also, I'm not sure if I will come across something like this again...



One Too Many
I had such a jacket only made of horse leather, also from the 80s. In fact, there are enough of them on the market to buy. If you like the loose fit of the jacket, you can leave it and wear it with pleasure.

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