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leather jacket

  1. Geekrobot

    FS: Lewis Leathers Aviakit Bronx Black Horsehide leather jacket Size 36

    Lewis Leathers Bronx Horsehide leather jacket size 36 for sale. Really amazing cut from LL. Lewis Leathers Bronx Leather Jacket Size: US UK 36 / EU 44-46 Color: Black Condition: Gently Used $650 OBO This is a really great example of a Bronx jacket- I've had a few and this one is...
  2. iknowleather

    Some jackets can be altered

    This jacket had blousy sleeves and I took 2 inches out of the cuff circumference tapering up to a few inches from the sleeve hole. Then I closed the side pockets and added two to the front.
  3. T

    For Sale: Taylor Stitch Whiskey Moto Jacket in 42/L

    First time poster, but have been a member of other respected communities for longer. Want to sell my first foray into leather jackets, the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket in large. Fits a tad tight for my 5'11" 200 lbs frame, and I'm trying to finance other acquisitions. Has a little light wear, but...
  4. M

    Vanson CHP Size 40

    Beautifully broken in Vanson CHP cross zip motorcycle jacket, size 40. Original competition weight leather, broken in the perfect amount. I am not sure when this jacket was built, but it sports a talon zipper. The main zip is a bit fussy to get started which I think could be mended by re-sewing...
  5. J

    I'm looking for some lvc(levis vintage clothing) jackets

    I tried to find these jackets since 2018,but I can't find it.. anyone can sell these jackets for me? I usually wear 36 or 38 size 1. lvc duck canvas triple pleat blouse 2. lvc 2003fw blue black leather jacket (I'm not sure about this jacket's real measurement) 3. lvc beat brown leather jacket...
  6. mjunderw00d

    Laer Brand Leather Jackets

    Does anyone here own one / used to own one? I’d love to hear some thoughts and opinions. I was able to try one on at the Snake Oil Provisions shop in Long Beach, and was impressed by it. Great fit (more of a non-riding fit, I think) and the naked steerhide had a great look and feel, for...
  7. lina

    Midwestern Sport Togs jacket (about a 42)

    I recently picked this up from Terry but it doesn't quite work for me, so am relisting it here for what I paid -- $100 shipped in the US. Terry knows a lot more about these jackets than I do, so I am going to link to his original post, which in turn has links to more pics and a video...
  8. nicholo

    FS: Aero Leather Ridley jacket with factory customizations. Size 40

    Selling my Aero Leathers Ridley jacket with full action back. Ordered from Thurston Brothers. I basically spec'd it to be as close to the Real McCoy's J24 as close as possible. Only thing missing is the size zips on the side panel. Asking $850, shipping within continental US and Canada...
  9. F

    Selling My Competition Weight Steerhide Vanson C2 Biker Jacket Size 34 / XS Used in Great Condition

    Please check out the item on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353429942998 This is a superb heavy weight Vanson leather biker jacket made from their top notch well-reputed Black Competition Weight Steerhide. This jacket features a very distinguishable bad boy rocker style and provides full...
  10. N

    Fit pics of my Thedi MTG-162707

    Started a thread last week on the arrival of my new Thedi jacket https://www.thefedoralounge.com/threads/my-thedi-jacket-mtg-162707-has-arrived.103405/ As it was extremely hot here down under, i had to wait for weather to cool down a bit to wear the jacket for some fit pics, As i am pretty much...
  11. N

    My Thedi Jacket - MTG-162707 has arrived

    My Thedi jacket has arrived , I ordered this late in June last year, and after some concerns with the delay in delivery and asking for advice here from fellow members in my last thread, i was assured that Thedi will and always delivers, and he did. He even threw in a leather belt as an apology...
  12. S

    ISO: Highway Patrol style leather jacket

    Hi Everyone - I'm wondering if anybody has a decent source on quality CHP style vintage leather jackets, or indeed has one in their collection they're willing to sell. Looking for something that's roughly a 40 inch chest size, with longish arms. I'm keeping an eye out in all the usual...
  13. Maxwell Von Chesapeake

    Schott NYC "Perfecto" Jacket (Restoration Hardware Collaboration) - Size SMALL

    Hello, I have a BROWN Schott NYC "Perfecto" jacket, size SMALL. It's the collaboration that Schott did with Restoration Hardware back in 2011. Anyway, I'm just testing the waters here to see if there's any interest. If there is, I'll post some pics and measurements. It is in perfect condition...
  14. B

    Buco J-100 Size 44

    for sale is my Buco J-100 vintage leather jacket. Size 44 as on tag. All the Talon zippers are in tact and overall, the jacket is in phenomenal shape for its age. There is a small liner tear on one of the inside sleeve cuffs but it does not affect anything at all and is not noticeable. There are...
  15. cloudylemonade

    Explaining the Aero Fit.

    We've noticed some confusion about how Aero's fit, and people questioning why they wouldn't always be the same size in each style, why a size 42" for example will vary so much depending on the style. We've put together a little guide to help with this, hopefully this will be of help to some...
  16. K

    FS Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide

    FS Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide Toys McCoy A2 size 36 Shinki Horsehide very good condition on both leather and the liner. Cuffs are in tip top shape since I've never wear a watch with this jacket. The grains is developing beautifully on the sleeve. I bought this brand new for around...
  17. lina

    The Dave Sheeley Custom Leather Jacket Thread

    I've posted several pictures of the custom jacket made for me by Dave Sheeley, and I was about to post new pics on one of the previous threads; but it occurred to me that it's time for a dedicated Dave Sheeley custom jacket thread. I know that a few others here have had Dave make full jackets...
  18. Herresbach

    "exit jacket"

    Hi guys, I've been wondering, did anyone of you ever reach the point where you said "that's gonna be my last jacket" and sticked to it? When I ordered my first jacket I thought I'd finally have a jacket that would please all my needs since no stock or designer jacket ever felt like the one. Now...
  19. M

    [Video] Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket Review

    video is there^ Hey all! I’m a huge fan of all types of outerwear but there has always been a special place for a nice leather jacket. Taylor Stitch does a great Moto jacket and I wanted to give it a review for a while. Well I did! Here it is in its full glory. I’d love to hear what you all...

    Smells, Smoke and Leather Jackets...

    Hi guys, can smells and smoke coming from a kitchen ruin the patina of leather jackets displayed in another room a few meters away? when I have to change the air in the apartment opening the door and the smells reach the area where I have the jackets on display, and I don't know how important...

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