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leather jacket

  1. BotanPhotography

    Aero Leather Indian Ranger

    This jacket is very special to me. I originally got into leather jackets in the first place because my father was a biker, and he passed on his crosszip jacket to me. Looking at it now it's just a ratty old chrome tanned crosszip probably bought from some random shop, but when he gave it to me I...

    "Lee Trevor" I Have Little Problem...

    Hi guys, I start ask apologize first to the staff and all users, If I had recently opened a similar topic and I hope not to be misunderstood, there I was talking about oxidation on the buttons of the neck of a Brooks.. now I have a similar problem, while on the Brooks it was the copper green to...
  3. T

    Alexander Leathers Montana 40 CXL Steerhide $475

    Catch & release, just received this one, a bit too heavy for my liking This is Alexander Leathers Montana in size 40, very similar(or rather exactly same) pattern as Aero Barnstormer, in heavy CXL Steer. Great condition, soft buttery steerhide. Wool Tartan lining, one interior pocket, belt...
  4. LZHA

    Aero Goatskin Jacket

    Hi there, I just picked up my first aero jacket last week, the style is dustbowl, it is seal goatskin in size 36. Blue label product and the price is very affordable, which is 450 pounds. The overall quality is great on this jacket. The goatskin looks and feels good. The weight of this jacket is...
  5. Marc mndt

    Lightning archives leather jacket book

    I'm pretty sure most of us own a copy of Rin Tanaka's motorcycle jackets 'a century of leather design' book. Looking for other good books about vintage leather jackets I came across a Japanese magazine called 'lighting archives'. In 2014 they issued a leather jacket edition. It's a great book...
  6. Marc mndt

    Thedi Leathers custom cross zip jacket review. #MTC-127915 in Brucuato Horsehide

    December last year I sold my Eastman Californian jacket to one of the Lounge members. It was too small for me so I decided to go buy a new one, one size up. I went to one of Eastman's stockist in France and tried a size 42 which was a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the brand-new jacket did not...
  7. Bryan Z

    Iron Heart Horse Hide Leather Jacket Self Edge Edition size 40 - like new

    Hey all. I'm brand new to the FL. I've followed the boards forever, but never got around to joining. I've got a like new Iron Heart Horse Hide Leather Jacket I'm trying to off-load and it was suggested I list it here and style forum, so here goes. It's a great jacket, but the fit is just a...
  8. H

    Real McCoy’s JH-1 $1700; SZ 40

    Lightly Used Teacore Buco Jacket. Minor imperfections and wear. This jacket shoes the tea core through extremely quickly. Standard and Strange description below. This is a size 40 Label but measurements are closer to a 42. Text 1-785-443-3736 Dating back to 1933, the "Joseph Buegeleisen Co." in...
  9. Mark Larner

    Leather Jacket Sewing Patterns

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but a long time vintage clothing / heritage style fan. I started sewing last year, mostly because I was frustrated at not being able to buy exactly the clothes I wanted and the escalating price of vintage items. Anyway, I'm at the point where I feel ready...
  10. ElMasChangon

    WTB Anyone have a Jean Shop NYC leather jacket in size small?

    Hi all, I recently joined the forum and from what I gather, a lot of you are knowledgeable about the leather jacket market, brands, successes and issues. Thanks for creating this space. Currently I'm on the hunt for my next jacket. I already own a 60s brooks cafe racer (a tiny bit big) and that...
  11. U

    Would a black bootlegger be a crazy buy?

    Ive always had i crisis in choosing between a highwayman or bootlegger. On one side, i prefer the model of the bootlegger, but i feel like it just would look to much like a regular motorcycle jacket in a black color. What is your opinions on this? Havent found any pictures on google so im just...
  12. U

    Pictures of black Aero Highwayman?

    In the future i'm getting an aero, and the one that i feel is the best choice is a highwayman. I typically prefer black jackets, as i wear black boots and dont really like too much wear show, more common in brown shades. Does anyone have any pictures of a black highwayman? Preferably in the...
  13. C

    Orgueil Shinki Horsehide Camel Board Track Jacket- Made in Japan- Size 42

    Esteemed Members of TFL, Hope everyone is safe and sound! I am a long time lurker of the Lounge and over the last several years have definitely benefited from the great amount of resources found on this forum, which inevitably led me down the rabbit hole...and now I am also a proud owner of a...
  14. Feliksas

    Aero Ladies Motorcycle Jacket - Size 4, Black Italian Horsehide - 650 gbp OBO

    Howdy folks, I bought my girlfriend an Aero ladies motorcycle jacket in the fall, but it was too cold to wear by the time that we got it, and now that it's spring, she finds that it's not quite form fitting enough. It has literally only been worn twice, once in the winter when she got it, and...
  15. BotanPhotography

    New Aero Leather August

    I think I mentioned before that I had an Aero A1 in Seal Vicenza being altered currently. I decided that since I already had a perfect A2 in Seal Vicenza and a Rockafella in the works in Blackened Brown for me, I don’t really need the A1. Instead I told Aero they could keep the A1 and I picked...
  16. thedennissystem

    Real McCoys Brown Shinki Horsehide J-100 Cafe Racer size 40

    Almost brand new J-100 Cafe Racer from RMC. Constructed of exclusive to Real McCoy’s Shinki Horsehide. Size 40 The most comfortable jacket I’ve ever worn. Retail price is $1900 Chest: 20.75” Shoulders :18.5” Length: 25.75” Sleeve: 24.75” Will let go for $1350
  17. zeek1015

    LEWIS LEATHERS LIGHTNING No. 391 Leather Jacket. Size 40.

    After a lot of humming and hawing, I have decided that my vintage LEWIS LEATHERS LIGHTNING No. 391 Leather Jacket should go to a new home. I just don’t find the occasion to wear it nearly enough. I picked this up 2 years from a friend who bought it way back in the 80s and who also hardly wore...
  18. D

    Ordering my first leather jacket - a sunburst - probably Aero

    Hi, I'm really interested in a sunburst back, and I've been e-mailing with Holly from Aero. I don't really like zippers on jackets, and prefer buttons, but the sunburst on Aeros website is with a zipper and a pretty boring collar. I kinda want something like the Aeromarine in terms of...
  19. Big7

    Massive sale: Brand New Leather / Suede A2 Trucker jackets, Reiss, Magnani, Ferragamo, boots, shoes

    I am cleaning out my closets, and I have listed bunch of things for sale on eBay. Everything brand new, never been worn. I have either purchased it myself and never got a chance to wear, or got it as a present and was not happy with it because of the fit, as I have popeye arms now days, some...
  20. P

    Himel Heron Size 44 Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket

    Hi Everyone, Selling this grail of a jacket. It's a size 44 Shoulders: 19 p2p: 23 arm: 25.5 Waist: 23 Shinki Horsehide Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Kac4AKz I'm willing to let this go for $1200.00. It's essentially new. Send me a message if interested Cheers

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