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leather jacket

  1. the LS

    Custom Johnson Leather jacket, virtually new, size 40

    Gentlemen - about three years ago I had a jacket custom made at Johnson Leather in San Francisco. In the window I saw a "Japanese Train Engineer" jacket they were selling and combined its details with their standard M-200 motorcycle model, which offered a slimmer and shorter fit. The result...
  2. U

    Glue In My Leather Jacket?

    I noticed that there is glue in addition to the sewing thread inside the collar, and cuffs, basically everywhere where leather meets leather... Is this normal?
  3. P

    Does anyone recognize this 1930s/1940s leather jacket makers label?

    Recently I bought this jacket. It has a label in it. I could find nothing on the internet. The jacket is a long leather trenchcoat with a wool lining. 1930s or 1940s? Does anyone recognize the makers label?
  4. P

    WTB: M422a 44R

    Hi Guys, I am searching for an original M422A in a size 44. I have had a search alert on Ebay for the last year or so but no luck. There was one but I got out bid in the final seconds without time to counter. I am not picky on maker, just.looking for something to wear on a regular basis with...
  5. U

    How long does it take for a Leather Jacket to show patina?

    I just bought my leather jacket, and i wear it every day. How many years does it take fore a jacket to start showing a bit of patina? Its black, if that matters
  6. U

    How long does it take for a Leather Jacket to show patina?

    I just bought my leather jacket, and i wear it every day. How many years does it take fore a jacket to start showing a bit of patina?
  7. U

    Side Laces on Motorcycle Jacket?

    What do they do? And do they noticeably let air in?
  8. S

    Leather jacket advice: Please help

    I’m upgrading my personal style and want to acquire a vintage leather jacket. Frankly, I don’t know what I’m doing, which brought me here. Any advice on a starter leather jacket? I’ve done a little research — enough to decide I’d prefer a bomber or similar make over a motorcycle jacket with all...
  9. M

    FS: Vanson AR3 size 40

    Hi all, New to the forums although I've visited before. I am selling a Vanson AR3 size 40 with the shoulder and elbow armor. I bought it in September at Filipacchi and wore it on the bike for a few months so it is lightly broken in but very new looking still. It is a great jacket but I have...
  10. Raven2k360

    Identifying G-1 Maker w/o any lables?

    Hey guys, I acquired a G-1 on ebay for a killer deal; but was wondering if there was any way to identify the maker? There are no labels other than the Blood Chit sewn into the inner lining. eBay auction said it belonged to a Navy pilot that served from the late 80s to early 00s. I know for...
  11. StarFox

    For sale or trade Bloomingdale's Matchless Waxed Charley Leather Jacket

    Hello, Newbie here. I've been checking out this site for a while lusting over all the beautiful vintage leather jackets. I just bought my first A2 bomber that will be with me in a few days and ill post about it. I recently came across a Matchless waxed jacket I bought "second hand" from a...

    Vanson Jacket Sizing Question (Mohawk and City Jacket)

    Longtime reader, first-time poster. Want to buy the new Mohawk Jacket and City Jacket (VAJ-3). https://vansonleathers.com/mens-collection-of-motorcycle-jackets-racing-suits-pants-chaps-more/21-mohawk-black-waxon-leather-motorcycle-jacket-4007.html...
  13. kliffjumper123

    Real McCoys London visit...

    Hey all, If you've seen some of my most recent threads, I'm pretty new to the game. And BTW, I finally found an A-2 (a story for another thread). Recently, I was able to pop on over to the UK for a few weeks visiting friends and on one of the days I just went out to the Real McCoys store. I...
  14. Milesdeathescape

    Perfecto style European leather double rider for sale THICK

    Perfecto style European leather double rider for sale THICK Cow with openings on liner for spine and elbow pads. This jacket has a unique punk/metal hardcore look to it and may not be for everyone but it is special and gets loads of comments. I have been wearing it off and on for 6 years and...
  15. D

    Belstaff Indiana (Indy) Jones Jacket

    I found the Belstaff Indy jacket that was released under the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull license back in 2008 on eBay for a decent deal so I pulled the trigger on it. It just came in the mail today so I am posting some fit pictures and measurements as an FYI. The sleeves are a bit short, but I...
  16. D

    Cockpit G-1 Top Gun Heroes Jacket

    I posted about these jackets in another thread, but I wanted to start a dedicated one for the Cockpit G-1 Top Gun Heroes Jacket. I have tried on 3 different sizes so far and took measurements and pictures for everyone's benefit, in case some of you have been contemplating getting one. I can...
  17. D

    Gibson and Barnes Air Force A-2 Sizing?

    Another fit thread! I just received my G&B Air Force A-2 dark brown goatskin in size 40R. Not the Civil version so this does not have any size entry or inside pockets. I initially ordered my usual size of 42R but returned it as it was too big. Sizing down one size is definitely the way to go...
  18. D

    Proper G-1 Jacket Fit?

    Hey Everyone! Been lurking on this forum for a while, but finally decided to join! I included a picture of me in my Cockpit G-1 "Mil-Spec" jacket (Style Z2108) in a size 42 regular. I am 6'2", 185 lbs, normally wear size 42 suits, and my chest measures about 42" at the widest as well. Can...
  19. M

    Rainbow Country Leather Jacket ID

    Good afternoon all, I'm a long time lurker and have been using collective knowledge on all things leather for some time. Now I have an curious one which I was hoping those with an interest in Japanese leather manufacturers and classic leather silhouettes can shed some light on. I recently saw...
  20. B

    FS: Cooper G1 Jacket 40L

    I have a 40L Military Issued Cooper G1 jacket that I am letting go. Looking for $120 Paypalled and shipped. In great shape small white spot on arm and small rubbing mark on the left sleeve. New to TheFedoraLounge, but I have good feedback on different watch forums, and can provide references.

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