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leather jacket

  1. Sree

    STYLE- Seven (Board Racer with August collar) 46 Size - For Sale

    For sale is a gorgeous 46 Size STYLE- Seven (Board Racer with August collar) with single point yoke (like on standard Highwayman), plain back (no vertical split seam and NO internal and NO external kidney panel), Four-Pocket front (two horizontal chest pockets and two hand warmers), sleeve zips...
  2. U

    Best Metal For Snap Buttons On A Leather Jacket

    Which is the most long lasting metal for snap buttons for a leather jacket? Brass? Steel?
  3. U

    Black snaps on leather jacket

    I have a leather jacket with black snap buttons. When i sand it down it turns to a goldish, bronzish color. But i can't sand it all down because of the letters on the button, is there any "Chemical" way (Not sulfur or anything please) to get rid of all the black color so i just have a pure...
  4. nicholo

    Thurston bro's custom aero Ridley w/ full action back, fit check!

    Hey guys! Long time lurker, and this is my first post. I had received my jacket about a month ago but figured I'd wear it in a bit before posting some photos! I must say, I absolutely love the construction of this jacket. It's the J-106 style, with a Ridley fit and full action back from Aero...
  5. U

    How Long For A Leather Jacket To Start To Get Soft?

    I bought my Levi's Leather Trucker about half a year ago, And i know that's not long, and it hasn't gotten much softer if even anything. How many years does it take before it starts to soften a bit so it's a little more comfortable?
  6. U

    Why Snap Buttons On Leather Jacket?

    About half a year ago i bought a Levi´s Leather Trucker Jacket and it has snap buttons. And at this point i'm a bit mad because they never stay closed! I don't understand why they didn't have more heavy duty snaps. Is it possible to replace them with more heavy duty snaps, or even replace them...
  7. P

    Selling nearly new brown Himel Bros. shinki horsehide heron

    Hi Everyone, Selling this grail of a jacket. It's a size 44 Shoulders: 19 p2p: 23 arm: 25.5 Waist: 23 Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Kac4AKz Open to offers on it - i'm not sure what it's worth so i'm hoping to feel a few offers out before making the sale on it. I'm sure you all know they retail...
  8. P

    Selling Aero aeromarine natural color horsehide jacket size 44

    Hi All, I'm selling my barely worn natural horsehide Aero jacket. I have this listed on ebay and i'd thought I should also throw it on here. I've sold lots of footwear on R/goodyearwelt if you need references. Let me know if you have any questions. (see attached photos) Asking $800.00 OBO...
  9. gilmob

    Durable Brand Flight Jacket-Help with ID?

    Picked this up last week... Label says Durable Front Quarter Horsehide. Pocket tag says size 38. Main zip is Talon. I’m not familiar with this brand and would like to learn more about it; how old it is, where was it produced, etc... Can’t seem to find anything online except for some references...
  10. ragamuffin

    Buco A-2 jacket

    Bought this awhile back, can't find any info on it, any info would be appreciated
  11. mattmiller1973

    The coolest, retro moto-jacket Dainese has ever made!

    The Dainese HF D1 Leather Jacket -- only worn twice -- in a size 58. I bought this Dainese HF D1 leather motorcycle jacket at a store that was going out of business (Bike Force!) and it is a size too large for me. I am 6'3'', 207 lbs. (191cm, 94kg) and I actually wear a 56 in Dainese...
  12. mattmiller1973

    Dainese -- Ducati Eagle Meccanica Motorcycle Jacket size 54

    I've almost never worn this jacket, because I bought it slightly too small for me. (The guy in the pics is shorter than me, I'm 6'3'', 207 lbs.) The Ducati Eagle leather motorcycle jacket is from the ``Meccanica'' collection, in a size 54. Fits me great off the bike, but is slightly too small...

    Help me to understand please!

    Hello everyone! What age can be this jacket? Would it be in Steerhide or Horsehide? Do you know this brand "Montgomery Word" ? I know it's American but I didn't have a direct experience before... I hope somebody wants to be so kind to tell me something about.. Thank you!!

    My New Old Jacket!

    I bay this old jacket she look like you can see in the pictures.. The central zip "Aero" and the small zips marked "slip", of what period will be this jacket? you believe is in Horsehide or Steerhide? Some idea about possible brand? Thank you very much for your attention, I hope to receive an...
  15. R

    Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket and Schott 141 Long For Sale

    Hi, I'm selling two jackets on Grailed that I'm just not wearing enough. A Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket in Whiskey Steerhide and a Black Schott 141 size 42 Long. More pictures on Grailed. Used Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket. Whiskey Leather Jacket, large. Collaboration with Golden Bear. Bought used...
  16. r0c1nant3

    Vanson Model B House Cowhide Genuine Leather Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket SZ 42

    Genuine Vanson Model B "House" - Technically it's a Model BH - Black Competition Weight Leather Cafe Racer style Jacket. (even still has the serial number key chain fob) Size 42. Listed on ebay but I would rather sell it here (no ebay fee's). Reasonable offers will be entertained and hopefully...
  17. Saabo

    Leather Jacket car show/goodwill finds

    My first funds are from goodwill and thrift stores. I played under $20 each and , with advice from FL, got good buys by buying a size smaller than I usually buy. Black leather. Unknown type. But looks good Next is a Towncraft from J C Penny's. Nappa pig leather in chocolate brown ( to me )...
  18. T

    GoodWear Leather - 1939 Werber A-2 (new)

    So, John is alive. I just received a custom Werber 1939 A-2 from him. For those of you who are curious, I've been on his waiting list since April 2017, when I first started looking at getting a new leather jacket. I ended up ordering an Aero Wayfairer, but John's name was thrown around a lot...
  19. the LS

    Custom Johnson Leather jacket, virtually new, size 40

    Gentlemen - about three years ago I had a jacket custom made at Johnson Leather in San Francisco. In the window I saw a "Japanese Train Engineer" jacket they were selling and combined its details with their standard M-200 motorcycle model, which offered a slimmer and shorter fit. The result...
  20. U

    Glue In My Leather Jacket?

    I noticed that there is glue in addition to the sewing thread inside the collar, and cuffs, basically everywhere where leather meets leather... Is this normal?

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