1930s Trench Coat

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    Valdese NC
    7319F164-6696-4A8F-956B-82A3061B4B1D.jpeg 035902BE-CAAC-49BE-AEF4-E13F0BA60288.jpeg 0745E3E8-5721-47EB-8F5E-006D24917E3A.jpeg 2FEC7ABC-7EA7-4121-80BD-08D08C7EB40A.jpeg C3370A81-8F39-4351-86DB-8CE2881B1432.jpeg AADE533E-029C-49C4-89A4-0E65063CC495.jpeg BC64E87C-06ED-4E5E-9187-2EF4C7167064.jpeg Amazing original German 1930's era heavy duty leather motorcycle coat

    Brown, heavy, top quality, either horsehide or goatskin leather, double breasted, moleskin liner, belted, beautiful leather buttons

    Link lock, military style angled pockets pockets, zigzag collar with a neck wind locking strap, leg closure straps for motorcycle riding

    Barely used in pristine, spotless condition, except small very top surface front button area scuff - as shown on the photo.

    Coat is absolutely to die for!

    No labels - fits approx. size L

    Please check flat measurements below for exact fit

    Chest - armpit to armpit - 61 cm / 24"

    Sleeve length from shoulder to cuff - 64 cm / 25.2"

    Shoulders from seam to seam - 52 cm / 20.4"

    Total length from the neck seam to hem - 133 cm / 52.4"

    Hoped it would fit me,my loss is your chance of a lifetime.

    Truly one of a kind.... don't miss it !!!

    Price $400 Shipped CONUS

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  2. Jules Myers

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    PM sent
  3. Jules Myers

    Jules Myers One of the Regulars

    To my fellow loungers, allow me to provide some feedback on Gunloader55. Easy, painless transaction, quick shipment and a product that lives up to its billing—and then some. Soft, immaculate leather that comes down all the way to mid calf….they definitely don’t come often like this anymore.
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