30s Secretaries Dressing Inspiration

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by MissNathalieVintage, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Are those......early headphones? Never seen anything like them before. But then, I never thought about where the term "headphones" came from either!
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    Here's the quote:
    "In 1931, as radio was growing in popularity, the inventor Thaddeus Cahill began experimenting with ways to capture the medium for individual listeners. He wanted to make radio not a communal experience, but a private one. His solution was a chair that integrated sound generation and sound consumption into a single piece of furniture: a radio-and-headphones combo that would allow for "individual-ear reproduction" of radio recordings."

    Stunning, no? :eyebrows:
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    Stunning...and stylish. "Honey, it's the latest!" "George, you look much more...attractive, somehow."
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    I thought I'd revise this interesting thread because I'm always in a quandary about how to dress for work. I live a vintage way of life at home, and I pretty much always wear 1930s-40s, but I'm never completely comfortable doing full-on 100 percent 1930s. I teach for a living, and I feel it would be too distracting. I'm also relatively shy and retiring by nature, and I don't like a lot of attention. So it's always a careful balance for me. I tone down the hair & I don't wear obviously seamed stockings (rayon service weight works perfectly well) & that keeps the look from being too costumy.

    In response to Nathalie's original post, I sew everything I wear, so it's not an issue for me, but if I didn't sew, I'd probably find a few dark skirts, a few blouses, and cardigan sweaters. With vintage collars and jewelry, the look will be perfect.
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