A Trip To The Schott Factory Sale

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Bahabp100, Oct 17, 2021.

  1. Bahabp100

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    I went out to NJ yesterday to check out the SCHOTT factory sale 2021. Got there around nine am for a 10-4 sale. The line was pretty long but once the doors opened everyone got in fast, it was cash only with ATM there . The place was loaded with jackets haha. The $50 and under room was all the way in the back so I started there and worked my way out. This tent/room was filled with mostly shirts and sweaters and some nylon jackets . I didn’t see anything that I wanted to buy in there. The rest of the tents were just filled with jackets, mostly leather, equal amount of men and woman, made in USA but not all of them . Most jackets were $2-300 ish and less, but they were all mostly defective factory rejects by QC , racks of them, with the notes of where and what defect were attached. I was only gonna buy for myself and not resale once I saw the price and the defects. I found a couple to buy but then changed my mind because one needed a complete zipper replacement and the other had issues. I tried on a very heavy unlined suede jacket that was nice for $250 but once I saw the damage I passed, but it was completely wearable just too heavy . My GF found a winter parka for around $50. All in all buying at the sale was a little disappointing since I didn’t . But the vibe and scene there was very fun and the people there nice and just to see all of those jackets was really something People did not have shopping carts, they brought their own garment racks!!! It was like Etsy,Poshmark,EBay had come to life. Overall Had a good time and got home with my pocket still full so that was good. Some random picture below D6F36F03-E7EA-492E-807E-412F6C25C23E.jpeg notice the lack of jackets on people online lol 05334BF8-B123-4379-A6C2-8DCD8DE43E2E.jpeg 2613FF22-4BB8-43FB-9923-F4D5D3D5AF04.jpeg these grizzlies seem kinda lightweight D39B92D1-930D-4CD5-AAE7-A6EE1536421D.jpeg 72B445C7-DCDE-405F-890A-6B9B8D32DB78.jpeg 9504FCA3-50E4-48F1-8817-0A80429928A4.jpeg
    Plenty of non leather and foreign made jackets filled the floor in addition to racks of the “good stuff”
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    Thank you for the report! Meant to ask if anyone had planned on going. This Factory Sale thing is a very admirable thing. Great way for everyone to get a good jacket. We've all often bought jackets on the verge of falling apart on eBay, probably for a lot more than what Schott's asking for these factory seconds.
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    Nice read, thanks for sharing. I like this kinda show!
  4. Aloysius

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    Haha I may or may not have seen myself in the background of one of these… I was one of the first people there though so I had no idea the line went that far back.

    It was great, and there were loads of high end leather jackets that seemed to have nothing more 'wrong' with them than a few too many creases from people trying them on. I was very early, so I saw just about everything, but as I was still getting acclimated there's one jacket I love that (the 121) I saw, in my size, on the 'slightly blemished' rack for just $250 when I came in… and didn't pick up… it was gone by the time I circled back.

    The textile stuff was quite nice too. Got a lot of family gifts.
  5. Will Zach

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    Northeast USA
    Very cool. I am surprised so many people showed up.

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