A True Gentleman

Discussion in 'The Front Parlor' started by Lola Valentine, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. TheDutchess

    TheDutchess One of the Regulars

    North Carolina
    My gracious where is this man? You should have gotton a name and a number and does he have a brother or a younger uncle? lol
  2. waffle

    waffle One of the Regulars

    Miami, FL, USA
    very nice story.. kudos for the gentleman.
  3. Spaugs

    Spaugs New in Town

    just because you're a feminist at heart doesn't mean you don't like being treated well, it just means you want equal rights. I have a boyfriend who acts very much like that soldier did, and all of my female friends ask me how I can stand it being as much of a feminist as I am, they can't understand why I would enjoy being around a gentleman. [huh] it's weird that feminism is equated with chivalry-hating.

    A guy could win BIG points with girls even if he wasn't so chivalrous as long as he was courtious. Common courtesy is something out of the usual nowadays and that's a real shame:(

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