Aero leathers patrolman CHP steer hide leather motorcycle jacket 44 large

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    232A7B40-763C-495C-B16D-97A1E1730242.jpeg D04FDC57-14C4-49C3-9430-FA8200C64C2C.jpeg AB6357F5-7D20-4348-867C-DA46846F6B42.jpeg E4D178FB-B15C-47AE-9BF7-1981B9AC03BA.jpeg 1F01F37B-5CCF-42AC-9FEF-7A2D649959B6.jpeg 47150FE5-4CB4-464E-809F-A7DF9B4969B4.jpeg B6C4C6B1-574D-412F-A83C-3D298DE13B28.jpeg The steerhide is in great condition, some wear and repair to the lining at the waist (as with most aero jackets that have been worn some). Brass hardware. This is a rare early aero and was originally purchased in Covent Garden, London in the early 80s.
    Pit to pit including football panels 25”
    Shoulders 20”
    Arms 25”
    Back 26” excluding collar
    Hem 20”

    Pm me with an email address for a full set of pictures

    Looking for $370 posted from the Uk
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