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aero leather

  1. S

    Aero Board Racer: Fit Advice

    Hey guys, I have just purchased a stock 42" Board Racer in Seal Jerky from Aero leathers and am wondering if it is worth keeping. I am somewhat unsure about the fit as although I understand that a tight fit is typical with this style of jacket, it does seem quite tight across the shoulders. I...
  2. Lheritage

    Aero Leather Half Belt 30's Sunburst Badalassi 40

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my Aero Leather half-belt in Badalassi Chestnut leather, size 40. The jacket was recently bought from Aero and has only been worn a couple of times. I'm 5'11" and wear size 40, and it fits perfectly. Shoulders: 18.25" Pit to Pit: 22.30" Back: 24.5" Sleeves: 25" I'm...
  3. J

    Aero Leather Tweed Pants 36/38inch-

    Aero Leather harris Tweed trousers sz38 & aero braces - 195 usd North Sea Herringbone to suit waist 36-38 inch ,including braces and shipping they cost 295 usd direct from scotland. Worn on 2 occasions , very heavy tweed , comes with braces from aero also. now 2 sizes too big (at least) , in...
  4. F

    FS:Diesel leather trucker jacket in light blue

    Hi, this is my Diesel leather trucker jacket that I purchased new in 1993 during my euro-trip! It is in excellent shape(besides a stain, see picture). This one is too big for me now. see pictures for sizing asking 475 plus shipping Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. F

    Vanson x Left Field Commando S leather jacket

    selling my Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket. It is in really great condition. It's a great jacket on the bike and off the bike. If you are looking at this you know the quality of these jackets. I now I need a medium Commando or something similar in size 42. size is Large(fits like...
  6. J

    Coats-SJC, Aero leather, Kapital,3Sixteen, Schott, Capalbio

    Simon James Cathcart Plaid Wool Sports coat Sz 38 brand new unworn - 135USD Chest -21.25 ,Shoulders straigh-17.75 ,back length-25.5 ,sleeve-26 ,hem-19.25 schott peacoat sz44 -55usd Dry Cleaned and in great condition. Chest-24.25 , Shoulders straight-20 ,Shoulders curved-21 ,back...
  7. F

    FS: Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket

    Good afternoon, selling my Left Field x Vanson Commando S leather jacket. It is in really great condition. size is Large. It's a great jacket but I now I need a medium Commando or something similar in size 42. You are welcome to pass by and try it out if needed, just PM me if ever you are...
  8. F

    FS: Langlitz leather jacket

    Hello, selling my Langlitz jacket that is in great shape and that was treated with the Langlitz dressing until 2020, the year that I lost 35 pounds!! the one good thing about covid is that it kicked me in the butt and made me get back in shape. The jacket stayed in closet since then. It is a...
  9. brandnick

    Aero Board Racer CXL FQHH Horween Chromexcel horsehide leather motorcycle jacket | Size 44 (runs small) | USD$700

    History of the jacket Purchased 2021 from another Fedora user who was selling on eBay. 3rd owner of the jacket Worn only a handful of times as it is just a little trim around the shoulders All zippers are intact, with straight teeth. Jacket smells great and the weight of the leather is a great...
  10. Thebuzzard

    Aero leathers cafe racer size 40

    Below is the order through Thurston of This beautiful cafe racer (I’ve quite literally outgrown). This is exquisite piece with lovely shades showing through, and wonderful creasing of the heavy leather. Asking 650 USD plus shipping, I’m in Vancouver Canada, the last jacket with insurance to...
  11. E

    Aero Leather Dustbowl brown Kelpie - Fit Check

    Hi, all those who are not indifferent to leather jackets ! last week I received a jacket from Aero Leather - Dustbowl brown Kelpie - from ready-to-wear stock. https://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/stock/dustbowl--brown-kelpie-hh--38----s-5779/s-5779 The sizes indicated on the site correspond to...
  12. Thebuzzard

    Aero Sheene-40 Vicenza Horsehide "Blackened Brown" FS fits like a 42

    Offering an Aero Sheene originally ordered through Thurston Bros, barely broken in, made of blackened brown Vicenza which takes on a wonderful depth of tone and luster over time, often called a tea core black with brown highlights. This will look better and better with age, alas I became a...
  13. R

    Aero sheene black Vicenza elbow stretching

    Hello all, I received my custom aero sheene about a month ago, it fits great (thanks to some awesome advice from everyone here) and is breaking in and becoming very comfortable. My only issue is that the elbows are almost bagged out, I tried looking up this issue and couldn’t find anything...
  14. C

    FS Aero Leather Highwayman size 40

    Hello, I am selling my Aero Leather Highwayman size 40. Front quarter horsehide. The insertion pin is missing so that would need to get fixed if you want to close the jacket. Its a beautiful jacket but unfortunately the shoulders are too wide for me. Asking 450 euros ex shipping and based in...
  15. Akcoco

    Aero Leather Type 3 Suede "Jean Jacket"

    For sale is a Aero Leather Type 3 Suede "Jean Jacket" in size 42. Tan suede. Bought from Japan but unfortunately a catch and release for me. Condition is good on the whole. No major faults that I can find. It is however worn and I've tried to show the wear on the suede. I think it could be...
  16. TartuWolf

    FS : Aero Dustbowl - Size 36 - CXL FQHH Brown

    Location : Estonia Bought used from DE. Worn a couple of times inside, one time outside for an hour. Too big for me even when layered. Sleeves too roomy, pit-to-pit and upper back too roomy, a bit too long in body length. Main specs: Pit-to-pit width: 53-54 cm Bottom hem width: 47-48 cm...
  17. TartuWolf

    Aero Dustbowl - CXL FQHH Brown - Fit / Impressions / Thoughts

    Greetings! Background On a cold snowy day in Estonia my first Aero jacket arrived. I've been planning (and continue to do so) to buy my first custom "proper" jacket, mainly considering Simmons Bilt and Aero, since I like that kind of style / patterns / leather choices. Recently I managed to...
  18. TartuWolf

    Aero leather choices/options (End of 2022)

    Hey folks, I am creating this thread for two reasons: 1 . INFO - On the off chance that I'm not the only fool who kept looking for info about different Aero leathers and didn't know that Aero themselves have a lot of information about each (slightly) hidden in their own website, I wanted to put...
  19. sgt pepper

    Fine Creek Horsehide Jacket Size 46 (Fits Like 44) PRICED TO SELL

    Hi, Fine Creek James jacket in rare size 46 but really fits like a true 44. Priced to sell. Bought from Self Edge for over 1900USD. This is now sold out everywhere. Japanese Vegetable Tanned / Aniline Finished Horsehide Tanned in Himeji, Japan 1.3mm Thick Horsehide Custom Tanning Recipe by...
  20. Bobby Schneider

    Aero premier highwayman sz 40 via thurston bros

    Up for grabs my premier highwayman. Obviously a better price for members of the forum ($750 obo) I have had several successful transactions as a buyer and seller here. Check my history. Shipping CONUS Measurements and more photos here: https://grailed.app.link/IL6wI6dRUtb Thank you

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