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aero leather

  1. Jsparks49

    Aero teamster size 40 black brown

    I’ve wanted this jacket to fit me so long but alas I think it’s time to concede (novel) I’m selling this wonderful teamster for roughly what I paid for it. Excellent fqhh (front quarter horsehide) Aeros excel lent Black that gives way to the brown underneath. Nice corduroy hand warmers, placket...
  2. F


    I bought this beautiful SCHOTT PER 41 jacket directly from the NYC store in November and used twice(still squeaks!!!). One of the coolest Schott jacket, looks like a 70 year old jacket without liner rips, zipper issues and bad smell!!! SIZE IS XXL(see pictures for the actual measurements I...
  3. B

    Aero Hooch Hauler 44" - Natural CXL FQHH

    This has about 3-5 months wear - not fully broken in, but developing some lovely patina already. Hooch hauler is a slim fit - it's a 44" chest Natural CXL front quarter horsehide from Aero P2P - 22 inches Shoulders - 18.5 inches Length - 26.5 inches Sleeve - 25 inches Looking for £450 excluding...
  4. U

    Would a black bootlegger be a crazy buy?

    Ive always had i crisis in choosing between a highwayman or bootlegger. On one side, i prefer the model of the bootlegger, but i feel like it just would look to much like a regular motorcycle jacket in a black color. What is your opinions on this? Havent found any pictures on google so im just...
  5. BotanPhotography

    New Aero Leather August

    I think I mentioned before that I had an Aero A1 in Seal Vicenza being altered currently. I decided that since I already had a perfect A2 in Seal Vicenza and a Rockafella in the works in Blackened Brown for me, I don’t really need the A1. Instead I told Aero they could keep the A1 and I picked...
  6. D

    Ordering my first leather jacket - a sunburst - probably Aero

    Hi, I'm really interested in a sunburst back, and I've been e-mailing with Holly from Aero. I don't really like zippers on jackets, and prefer buttons, but the sunburst on Aeros website is with a zipper and a pretty boring collar. I kinda want something like the Aeromarine in terms of...
  7. BotanPhotography

    My New Aero A2 Vicenza 42-18775-P

    I actually picked this up off the stock page, and then traveled down to Galashiels to pick up in person. It's in Seal Vicenza, rust knits, and mustard lining. The pit to pit is 21.75", and the sleeve length is 25" and luckily it fits me perfectly at 5'10 and 175-180 pounds (depending). Just got...
  8. T

    FS - Aero Leather/Harris Tweed - Vest and Trousers

    Harris Tweed Vest & Trousers purchased from Aero Leather in early 2019. New, never worn. Vest is XXL (roughly size 46) and trousers are size 38W x 32L. Asking $350 shipped CONUS Please ask any questions Todd Harrington Winchester, VA
  9. T

    aero long half belt fit pic

    Hi there, just wanted to post some fit pics of my aero long half belt. How do you like the fit? Am a bit concerned regarding sleeve length sometimes and would possibly prefer an inch more... Sorry for the crappy pics, currently don't have anybody around me to take good ones... Anyways...
  10. North_Star

    Aero Trail Rider

    Aero Trail Rider bought used from Aeros website, very little wear on it. I've had it for 2 weeks now. I'll try to add some natural light pics in the weekend.
  11. Darylh

    Aero leathers patrolman CHP steer hide leather motorcycle jacket 44 large

    The steerhide is in great condition, some wear and repair to the lining at the waist (as with most aero jackets that have been worn some). Brass hardware. This is a rare early aero and was originally purchased in Covent Garden, London in the early 80s. Pit to pit including football panels 25”...
  12. S

    My fantastic new Aero D-1

    http://imgur.com/a/WW70k4D So stoked!
  13. J

    For Sale Aero Leather Route 66 Leather Jacket Horsehide Cordovan Color Size 40 $659 incl shipping

    For sale is this Aero Leather Jacket which I purchased directly from the company a few years ago and it is in excellent condition. The leather is Heavy Front Quarter Horsehide in Cordovan Color Leather Model is "Route 66" Size: 40". Please see pictures for condition and measurements and let me...
  14. M

    Aero Cafe Racer Black Tumbled FQHH Size 42

    Aero 4-pocket Cafe Racer, size 42 Tumbled black FQHH Minto check lining One inside pocket Antique brass zips Bought new in November 2016, worn on-and-off since then Pit to pit 24" Arm 26.5" Back 26" Shoulder 18" Asking £400 shipped in UK
  15. nkang

    Aero 16160 A2 Battered Steerhide Size 40

    After receiving my Aero 16160 trainee A2 in battered steerhide following the Quartermaster Sales, I've worn it for around a dozen times. It's a light-weight jacket, very easy to wear, and does not require any breaking in. Moreover, it's the same pattern that Gen. Chennault wore in his iconic...
  16. Vezio

    Aero Premier Half Belt Review

    Hi, I am for a short time affiliate in Fedora Lounge. Last year I bought a "Aero Leather Premier Half Belt" jacket, that I will review. Everything I will write is only a set of subjective considerations, respect to my personal experience. I liked the Premier Half Belt because it's a pretty short...
  17. M

    My customer experience with Aero Leather: What's happening?

    Aero Leather is a well-known brand for the quality of their jackets (no doubt about this point) and their customer service. However, I'd like to testify about the way they acted after I purchased a jacket with them. Rather surprizing... I discovered this brand one year and a half. I saved money...
  18. Cameron Hooper

    A plea for help in choosing a sheepskin jacket

    Hi all, I began my quest to buy a sheepskin jacket around half a year ago when I saw a pre-war Irvin in a vintage store. I've always had a thing for sheepskin collars on coats, but when I saw the huge collar on the Irvin and it's overall design, my heart was set. I started researching...
  19. Gutmann

    Aero Leather A2, 1950's Flight Jacket, UK44/L, seal brown, as good as new

    Dear Gents, I am selling my Aero Leather A2/1950s Flight jacket size UK44 in Vincencia horse hide. Asking price is 699 EUR. Details: . VINCENCIA HORSE HIDE SEAL - LEATHER AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE . OLIVE SATEEN LINING . BROWN KNITS . UNDER COLLAR STUDS THROAT LATCH LIKE A-2 . 2 X PATCH POCKETS ...
  20. Eglicomet

    Aero Leather owners: Anyone ever seen a Bootlegger with a D Pocket?

    Howdy folks, I've become obsessed with D Pocket jackets and I'm really interested in a J106 Aero but, for the sake of a slightly less edgy appearance I figured that something like a Bootlegger with the addition of a D pocket might be an option. Just wondering if this has been done. Thoughts?

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