Aero Stockman Sz40 Brown Jerky Horse for sale

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  1. Splitcoil

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    San Diego
    Aero brown “jerky” horsehide. No storm cuffs. Vertical inside pockets on both sides with heavy cotton lining (aka pistol pockets). Lining is Crawford clan tartan.

    $600 to me covers shipping inside the US. (By ‘to me’ I mean that if we use Paypal, you cover fees so I actually receive $600.)

    The jacket got heavy use for about 1 year, including lots of light rain in Seattle before I moved to San Diego where it’s gotten almost no wear because the weather is too nice here. Very little wear, mostly consisting of some color rub on the cuffs and a couple of light scratches. I’ve taken pics of the most significant wear, but there are other little nicks and such here and there that are not pictured. Buttons are all on, snaps still work.

    I love this thing, and I’ve put off selling it for years, but I live in San Diego now and there are zero real opportunities to wear it down here.

    Marked a size 40

    Pit to pit: 22 inches
    Shoulder to shoulder: 20 inches
    Back length: 31 inches
    Sleeves: 24.0 inches

    When I had it made for me, I provided them the following data (so if this matches you, it would be as if it was made for you):

    ï Chest size--- both inhaled and exhaled. 39.5” exhaled, 40.5” inhaled
    ï Shirt size--- (ie. 16” X 34”) 16x34
    ï Height--- 5’10”
    ï Weight--- 160lbs
    ï Waist size---Not just your pants tagged waist size but also a stomach/navel area measurement. Waist 34, navel 38”
    ï Sport coat or suit jacket size (if you know it). 40R
    Sleeve length of known jacket: 25.5”

    For reference in the photos, I’m 5’10”, 163 lbs. These fit fairly loose by design, to allow for layering, more or less like an overcoat. The jerky horse is very flexible and much more comfortable than fqhh. It’s not an airtight design with the button front of course, but it sheds light rain very well. A very good length for keeping your parts dry in the rain.
    rrIMG_5073.jpg rrIMG_5074.jpg rrIMG_5075.jpg rrIMG_5078.JPG rrIMG_5081.jpg rrIMG_5082.JPG rrIMG_5083.JPG rrIMG_5084.JPG rrIMG_5085.JPG rrIMG_5090.JPG
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  2. Splitcoil

    Splitcoil One of the Regulars

    San Diego
    Price cut to $525.

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