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Another Eastman B3 Fit and questions part 2

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Big7, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. alfyman

    alfyman One of the Regulars

    Cameron Park CA
    Yeah, it looks the Perfect fit, and it is really nice..
  2. Any update? Is it loosening up and becoming more comfortable?
  3. Big7

    Big7 Familiar Face

    Lol, that's a negative for me growing hair anymore , but I can wear a wig :), I can already play guitar, sing and have a beard.
    Not many updates, as I didn't get a chance to wear it outside much, maybe once, as it has not been that cold, just sometimes around the house.
    My 8 year old loves that jacket, I told him he can have it, after I'm no longer alive :)
    I wear it around the house sometime, I guess I'm getting used to the way it feels, as it feels less uncomfortable. I still wish it was a bit bigger and longer
  4. HPA Rep

    HPA Rep Sponsoring Affiliate

    New Jersey
    This 42 look much better on you, but looks can never replace comfort without the risk of the jacket becoming a closet queen. The unfortunate fence you sit on is the chest measure being between sizes. If you had a 42" chest, you'd also likely be 10-15 lbs. less in weight and that would also likely reduce your waistline by about 2" - 4", with the full result being that you then would be very consistent with the typical buyer who can comfortably wear a 42R and find they look really good in it.

    I am concerned about the tightness in the shoulders and arms: my 29 years of fitting experience with B-3's tells me this is not going to markedly improve. Moving the arms will indeed crease the sleeves and make them conform to you, which will improve rigidity, but it will not change size by any measurable amount. The shoulders are what they are - they will not be changing one iota. The shearling will not compress to any amount that will benefit you - my oldest ELC B-3 is 17 years old and the fleece is exactly the same length as it was when new.

    ELC no longer offers a 44 Short or custom combination lengths, but that's what you would need to really be happy, it seems. You paid a lot of money for this, which I do think is worth the cost of admission and even more, but I am hearing things that deeply concern me with respect to the fit and your reception. If you really think you'll take off some El Bees and keep them off, the 42 should prove a wise buy; otherwise, I'd get the 44R back or see if Goodwear can make you a custom size.

    Good luck!
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2019 at 1:27 AM

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