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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Julie Bourdages, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Julie Bourdages

    Julie Bourdages New in Town

    im a bit curious about this hat that i found today and the value it could have, i dont much about it, i fact i know nothing at all..but its a pretty cool piece!

    anyone would have an idea?

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  2. Willybob

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    Central California foothills
    Pics and description?
  3. Julie Bourdages

    Julie Bourdages New in Town

    sorry it didnt work when i uploaded them apparently, i tried again and edited the post:)
  4. deadlyhandsome

    deadlyhandsome I'll Lock Up

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    Apparently it’s worth $50. ;)
    The more unique or rare a hat is the harder it is to nail down value. Without knowing anything about your particular hat, size and condition are two huge factors in vintage hat values. A size 7 5/8 could be worth ten times what a 6 5/8 would sell for. Also, often such items can languish for moths or years waiting for the right person.

    I hope someone who knows more about your hat speaks up, but as a general rule the real experts don’t like to give values. You can always put it on ebay and let the market tell you what it’s worth.

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  5. mayserwegener


    It's from an English source Henry Heath. It looks to be in ok condition. Are there any dents or problems with the silk plush? Also what is the center inside front to back measurement? Larger sizes are worth more.


    I would have to do some more checking regarding dating. There is some information here on Henry Heath if you search.

    You could also check for when C.S. Lane was in business and Leo J. Murphy's death date although he might not be the original owner.

    Here are some entries from the American Hatter (Vol. 40, 1911) on Henry Heath. 105,107,109 Oxford St. West London&f=false
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  6. Tukwila

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    Get that price sticker off the leather sweatband, if you can do so without ruining the leather... it will eventually destroy that leather.

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