Barbisio "Daino" size 5 or 57 EU 7 1/8 US

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  1. Daniele Tanto

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    Verona - Italia
    Barbisio Italian made in the sixties
    Barbisio marron 1 R.jpg
    Barbisio size 57 EU or 7 1/8 US, it is right to its size
    Barbisio marron 3 bis R.jpg
    The hat was slightly used and it has no flaws ot moths signs
    Barbisio marron  interno R.jpg
    Short-haired soft felt, color "Daino", ribbon is "Talpa"
    Ribbon matches the color of the bound brim
    Made in the Barbisio historical factory of Sagliano Micca in the sixties
    Barbisio marron etichetta carta R.jpg
    The proportions of the hat are: 5 cm. bounded brim, 12.5 cm. open crown and 3.5 cm ribbon
    Barbisio marron 5 R.jpg
    Every picture tells the story of this Barbisio
    Asking price is $ 60 or € 50
    Shipping costs vary for each country, ask for the exact amount for your destination
    Don't be shy and ask for any details regarding the hat, payment or shipping

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