Beaver Brand black 7 1/2 fur felt adventure hat

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by deadlyhandsome, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. This is a recent purchase. I can often coax size 7 1/2 hats up to 7 5/8 long oval but this felt is very stiff and wasn’t having any of it. No moth damage, no stains. The sweat looks fine and I’ve conditioned it. This is western weight felt and it’s not a soft “fedora.” The raw edge brim is approximately 3 1/4” wide and is curved down front and back.

    $60 shipped to the contiguous US.


    25570AC5-AB08-4F7D-87A0-76088A132D14.jpeg E902DD61-83EC-40CA-9E0C-74D846928CD4.jpeg 28975631-53BB-4A65-B552-FFC4A8E36DCD.jpeg 02F3A7DC-3BA6-4359-BDD2-C4965075C332.jpeg ED29C47D-2607-4BAE-ACA6-FB22A91C2BEF.jpeg AE834141-234E-4359-8A93-18111C73921D.jpeg E4E65BF0-095C-4C77-810E-4B0FFEFDFF07.jpeg 28D100AB-791B-4E4B-938B-4012284AF16D.jpeg 6951D5D2-90B1-4C83-8B72-7B95F75A05E2.jpeg 2F57683E-6BE2-48EC-8724-729716F897BB.jpeg

    Send me a PM if you have questions or are interested In the hat.
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  2. Lebowski

    Lebowski One Too Many

    I'll gladly take it! PM sent.
  3. belfastboy

    belfastboy I'll Lock Up

    vancouver, canada
    good get, nice looking hat.
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  4. **SOLD**
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  5. Rumad

    Rumad Practically Family

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