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fur felt

  1. T

    Wanted: Tyrolean Fedora

    Hi folks, new member on a quest for an authentic fur felt Tyrolean fedora. The unicorn for me is a Biltmore Tyrolean fedora, fur felt velour, golden pheasant in green size 7 3/8 or 7 1/2. I’m also interested in Tyroleans in the same sizes from some of the original Austrian/German hatmakers but...
  2. deadlyhandsome

    Custom dove grey homburg 7 3/8

    I just listed a homburg on eBay. It’s an old custom hat and aside from a smudge, that may well come out, it’s a fantastic hat. The felt is great. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284793756631?hash=item424f07dbd7:g:FDsAAOSwH9VibdYA As long as no one has bid on it on eBay, I’m offering it here for...
  3. Beef

    For Sale - Fabricio by Signes Black Open Crown Fur Felt Fedora Size 7 1/2 (60cm)

    New, unworn "Fabricio" 100% rabbit fur felt fedora in black, size 7 1/2 or 60cm. This is a VERY soft, comfortable hat that has an open crown which can be easily be shaped to your preferred style. I took a chance on an online clearance purchase from JJ Hat Center, but I am choosing to sell it...
  4. deadlyhandsome

    Beaver Brand black 7 1/2 fur felt adventure hat

    This is a recent purchase. I can often coax size 7 1/2 hats up to 7 5/8 long oval but this felt is very stiff and wasn’t having any of it. No moth damage, no stains. The sweat looks fine and I’ve conditioned it. This is western weight felt and it’s not a soft “fedora.” The raw edge brim is...
  5. LexB

    Checking felt quality

    I am currently ordering samples from different suppliers to start my hat making journey. They are all the same weight, and 100% rabbit fur felt.. but being a beginner I am seeking advice on how to check & compare quality across the 4 different suppliers. Or maybe I could seek advice from an...
  6. deadlyhandsome

    Biltmore black fedora size 7 3/4 or 62cm

    This is a recently acquired hat that was part of a two hat deal I made. The hat was in new condition and I gave it a simple and quick dry crease for these photos. It will be shipped open crown. The crown height is lower than what I personally prefer. $100 shipped contiguous US.
  7. N

    New midrange cowboy hat quality difference

    I'm a urban Texas guy but wear a cowboy hat almost every day. I tried them as an experiment for the first time about 5 years ago, purchasing inexpensive hats, one wool felt by Justin, one palm leaf (store brand, but almost certainly actually a Sunbody), each in the $50-$60 range. I'm about ready...
  8. AnthonyG70

    Womans - Fur Felt Cartwheel Hat

    DESCRIPTION: NEW Jeanne Marie by Kathy Jeanne Furfelt Cartwheel Hat with Netting APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: LENGTH(in.): 14 WIDTH(in.): 14 HEIGHT(in.): 5 ACTUAL WEIGHT(lbs.): 1 https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/82205166
  9. P

    Cleaning spots, stains and soiling from felt hats

    Question about cleaning I have an older Biltmore felt fedora that has a few spots and I would like to clean it using a dry cleaning solvent, "Afta", which is recommended for cleaning clothing and furs. I plan to submerge the hat in solvent and let it air dry. My question is, what do I do...
  10. R

    Snap brim and rain

    I purchased a new fur felt hat (not vintage) with a 75 mm snap brim, the cheapest fur felt (not wool felt, mind you) hat I could find (79 euros, if I recall correctly). I love it and wear it constantly, but one night after walking home from a party, I was caught in a slight shower without an...
  11. deadlyhandsome

    Selentino Tonak hats Redux

    The gentlemen who is selling the Selention Tonak fur felt fedoras on eBay is preparing to list more of the hats. Although I have never met him, I have seen helping him get the word out. I don't have any skin in this game. The hats are new old stock (NOS) and so far the colors have...
  12. deadlyhandsome

    Selentino Tonak hat cache

    I just ran across a nice guy in Riverside, California who stumbled upon a large horde off NOS SELENTINO Tonak 100% fur felt hats he's selling for $40 plus shipping. These look like what the Burlington Coat Factory sold a few years back. Interestingly, he has a lot of hard to find large sizes. Be...
  13. A


    Hello, Does somebody has an idea about the quality of these french brand? Here it's really not expensive. http://www.chapellerie-traclet.com/hat/product_info.php?products_id=474 J.M

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