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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lmrolnik, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. Lmrolnik

    Lmrolnik New in Town

    I don’t see many people at all wearing bowler/derby hats. I like the style. Would it look funny to wear this type of hat everyday?
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  2. There are over 3,000 post on this topic here:

    Unlike other forums, The Fedora Lounge tries to limit the number of threads and keep like topics together. If it’s something basic you can bet there is an existing thread(s) for you to add to. If it’s a general question we also have the Ask a Question, Get and Answer thread. I know this isn’t how all forums are run, but it’s how it’s done here. A bartender (site moderator) will probably merge your thread. No worries.
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  3. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck Call Me a Cab

    You do you man. Most think a fedora is “out there” so each to their own. Wear it with pride.
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  4. Lmrolnik

    Lmrolnik New in Town

    Will do
  5. Just Daniel

    Just Daniel One Too Many

    Welcome to the Lounge!

    There are a couple of serious derby guys on here, and there are frequently derbies/bowlers for sale on eBay from multiple brands. Poke around a little and you’ll get a lot of info; if you get into vintage bowlers you will quickly find the prices are good and there are lots of fun brands to collect.

    Search the Lounge with this text in your google search and it will make everyth8ng easier:


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  6. Edward

    Edward Bartender

    London, UK
    They're a less common style than a fedora type nowadays, but if you wear it with confidence and don't mind the inevitable remarks (you might get Stan and Ollie, Clockwork Orange, or some derivation of the modern perception of these as hats for "posh people"; in some, specific corners of the world, a black one will be readily associated with the Orange Order), why care? TBH, in my experience the significant majority of people who shout things in the street aren't being derogatory; usually people who make gangster or cowboy references to my fedoras are actually reacting positively through the frame of pop-culture reference points that fall within their experience of such hats.

    FWIW, my view of the bowler has been transformed by looking at colours other than black; a brown one worn with tweeds and Autumnal colours makes a significant difference and feels a bit more easily wearable, somehow.

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