Branded Garments 40-42ish (marked 46) A-2 style with detachable collar

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    This A-2 style bomber, or “Hitter” jacket (as known in Queens New York 1970s) is in G to VG to condition with all zips and snaps working, no rips, tears or holes, clean without unusual smells. The company is a TFL budget favorite that makes a quality jacket and this A-2 bomber jacket is no exception except it’s made out of their thinner leather and priced accordingly. A Great way to try one out and priced to sell. Looking for $60 including priority shipping right to your USA door from the New York City area shipped same day of PPF&F receipt. All The Measurements are in the pictures so let me know if there’s any questions
    Seller has buying and selling references. Thanks. 7F1F1E72-341C-4636-8010-1687231E91E2.jpeg 6BE97DD5-9370-4467-A2AE-9B6EF40F3BDF.jpeg BCDE70F9-890E-4E82-88EA-ED41DC53EB31.jpeg A6199B01-67E7-4DD0-8958-B832D172B7C0.jpeg 9351F776-8AA3-45D7-81CF-623553C15048.jpeg 6E55FCE0-D832-43DE-BC94-49F3A667FD3F.jpeg 4E51D28B-CAB7-43C6-9FD2-F01A7DE2F0D3.jpeg
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