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SOLD! Schott 257s B-3 Shearling Perfect Patina! 40+ Yrs Old Vintage Size 36 MEDIUM


One of the Regulars
B3 with great patina! I wanted to fix/replace the original zipper before selling. Fixed at Schott Factory and reporting for duty!

$650 shipped to Continental USA.
Buyer pays intl shipping

I have it listed in multiple channels, but FL is lowest

I have positive references here

You will not find another one from 80s in this condition!

Looks great on men and would be great as oversize on women! I will try my best to get it to you before Xmas.

Measurements with garment laid flat
Chest Pit to pit 21.5"

Mid waist 20.5" (By ribs or pockets)

Bottom hem area 19.75"

Sleeves 24.5"

length 25"

shoulder 19.25"

*as you can see the jacket tapers from chest to the bottom hem by 1.75". If you fit a 40 chest but have a big belly or waist it could be snug or harder to zip up. But quite honestly the jacket is too warm to zip up. I wear it open 99% of the time.

I am the second owner. This is better than buying new in my opinion. No one will believe you that it was made in early 1980s!

No more acrylic coating like the new jackets. While functional to protect the exterior from rain and wind, the coatings always look a bit plastic. This jacket is just aging beautifully now that acrylic is pretty much gone.

SEE LAST TWO PICS - I turned the jacket inside out so you can see the condition of the original shearling! It is gleaming, high loft and soft!

Keep in mind while the condition is unbelievable, it is still a 40+ yr old example and not brand new. but no rips or tears.

And on the flip side, usually when you buy an old B3 you also have to deal with stains and smells on the inside shearling. Or crusty/dry/cracking suede outside. In most examples the shearling can become bald in high wear spots like sleeve cuffs, bottom hem or collar.

This Schott B3 exhibits none of these flaws.
1. The suede side is perfect and hydrated

2. No bald spots on the shearling

3. No rips or tears

4. The shearling is still thick and butter soft

5. I would argue that Schott used better materials back in early 1980s to compete with Eastman, Aero and others as they came to the market

6. Brand new size #10 brass Ideal zipper installed by Schott factory November 2023. See below.

I just had Schott replace the main zipper at the Schott factory. Brand new brass Ideal #10 zipper. Ready for another 40+ yrs! I have the Schott repair hangtag and will include.

I also treat the exterior every 2-3 yrs with natural Otterwax Salve to hydrate it.

No more leatherized acrylic finish on outside. Just the natural shearling suede side of shearling. Patina lovers dream.

The newer Schott b3 jackets have a leatherized finish on them, which I think makes it look too plastic.

The jacket dates back to 1981-84. I am second owner. I asked Schott to date it. Looking at the Leathercraft tag and the brass buckles not having Schott logo was the giveaway.

Schott first made the jacket model in 1981. They paused production in 1985 - 87. Then added the logo to the brass buckles after that.

All photos are actual jacket in hand

Ships from usa. Not overseas.

Size 36. These run very large like their Peacoats. I am a 39 inch chest and wear a medium Schott 519 add size 40 Schott 618 or 613.

Selling because it is never cold enough in my climate to wear. It really needs 25 degrees f or less. I can wear a tshirt with this jacket in winter. This retails for $1,525 new. Save big!

Read the excellent reviews https://www.schottnyc.com/products/b3-leather-bomber-jacket.htm#tab-reviews

OVERVIEW B-17s and B-24s were not pressurized and the unheated cabins got awfully cold at altitude. This sheepskin jacket kept our bomber crews warm during their perilous missions in the skies over Europe. The B-3 bomber jacket is clearly a winner in both warmth and style. Even non-aviators like Gen. George Patton chose to wear a specially-modified version of the B-3 (instead of the standard tanker's jacket). You too can rely on this classic heavyweight shearling to keep you warm on the coldest winter day, and you can count on its enduring style to survive the fickle trends of fashion! Heavyweight Shearling

Leather Welted Seams

Heavy Duty Hardware

Buckled Collar and Waist Adjustment Straps

Two Front Handwarmer Pockets


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