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  1. RitaHayworth

    RitaHayworth One of the Regulars

    Run away from that hairdresser who razored your hair!!!

    I have naturally curly hair and razoring and/or "thinning" is the worst thing you can do for it!!
  2. DutchIndo

    DutchIndo A-List Customer

    Little Saigon formerly GG Ca
    I remember using that ! I used to grease my hair for Sunday School and who can forget that jingle.
  3. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    Falmouth ME
    I finally had enough of the big hair and used a chemical relaxer. After a week of waiting to wash it, and a couple deep conditionings, the volume is definitely lessened, and it doesn't react to humidity as much. I agree I'll stay clear of the razor from now on.
    The things we do to our hair!
  4. brylcreem boy

    brylcreem boy One of the Regulars

    Tulsa, OK
    Lol!! My dad used to grease my hair up for sunday school with it as well, that and wildroot. I remember being just about the only kid in 1975 with slicked down hair at church... luckily he relaxed that standard about a year later.. kids at that age can be pretty cruel!!!
  5. Girl Friday

    Girl Friday Practically Family

    Junius Heights, Dallas, Texas
    I haven't used that stuff in years. Mostly because there are so many products out now that smell better. It smells fine, but kind of masculine if you ask me. My hair is very coarse and curly, so I do like to use products similar. One of my favs is the Coconut Oil Hair Shine from the Body Shop. Definitely helps with the frizzies.
  6. FedoraFan112390

    FedoraFan112390 Practically Family

    Brooklyn, NY
    I was wondering if Brylcreem can be used on dry hair?
  7. Stanley Doble

    Stanley Doble Call Me a Cab

    I am sure it can but it will work in better if your hair is slightly damp, as after washing. I use VO5 for gray hair, a drop about half the size of a pea and work it in after I wash my hair.
  8. MisterCairo

    MisterCairo I'll Lock Up

    Gads Hill, Ontario
    My father (born 1920) used Brylcreem religiously. He had thick, wavy hair and it helped keep his "short back and sides" part on the left well in place.

    I had similar hair (until my mid-twenties, now I sport the Mr. Clean cut) but much frizzier and used it as well (I was a teen in the 80s). It worked in a similar way.

    Until now I'd never heard Brylcreem was the product of choice for 50s greasers, I figured it must have been one choice of course. My dad could be called a lot of things, but greaser wasn't one of them!

    If you mis or over use something, it doesn't mean the original purpose is lost. And "old guy stuff" is unfair. My father started using Brylcreem in his twenties. As did most men.

    Remember, the character Rick Blaine in Casablanca was 37 years old (Bogey was about 41 or so). And he had something in that hair!
  9. samtemporary

    samtemporary One of the Regulars

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Yep - same here. My go-tos are Groom and Cleen (on weekends) and Vitalis (during the week). Both smell good and handle hair pretty well.

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