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Can you help me identify (and appraise) this Baracuta jacket?


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Greetings, gentlemen, long time no see.

I recently bought this Baracuta jacket second hand. Someone was selling it on the internet for 10€, they didn't even have it listed as a Baracuta, just as a "vintage jacket". Now, I recognized the label and decided to take advantage of this opportunity.
Turns out, however, the jacket is a bit smaller than I was hoping for (was listes as an L size while it's actually a size 40), and the color is a bit sarker than it looked originally in the seller's pictures.
This jacket looks like a G9 archive model, however, the label says made in Romania instead of England, the composition also is somewhat different form what I've read on the brand's page.
Anyway, I'm not sure about keeping the jacket so thought I might aswell appraise it to see if it's worth reselling.
The jacket presents some sings of usage, but no blemishes.
Can anyone help me identify this jacket and how much it'd be worth in the second hand market? Thanks. Baracuta_01.jpg Baracuta_02.jpg Baracuta_03.jpg Baracuta_04.jpg Baracuta_05.jpg Baracuta_06.jpg Baracuta_07.jpg

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