Cane's Creations (Alley Kat Hat Co.) Fedora 23"

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    I just bought this beautiful hat handcrafted by Tim Mahovich aka Cane's Creations and Alley Kat Hat Co, and it is a little snug so I want to offer it up to another lucky Lounger. My head size is a large 7 3/8, 23 1/4". This was listed as 7 3/8 and I bought it knowing that it could end up being too small for my head. The size of this hat is handwritten by Tim Mahovich as 23", and that would be 58.42 cm, which I confirmed with a millinery sizer. This fedora is a great whiskey color, and the felt is super soft and flexible. It has a 2 1/2" nicely bound brim, a 1 1/2" wide black ribbon, and a classic "wind trolley" with the button visible in the side photo under the bow. The height to the front of the pinch is 4 1/2", the height of the highest edge of the crease is 4 3/4", and the height to the rear of the crease is 4". The uncreased height appears to be 5 1/2". Tim's handwritten details inside the sweatband are: "23", Cane's Creations, Timothy Mahovich - Hatter, Hazleton, PA 18201, April 2016, Hat #46". I think most Loungers are aware of the quality of Tim's work, and I can't seem to find any indication that he's been making hats recently. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that. This hat is in great condition, with no moth bites or any sign of wear. I purchased this hat for $230 plus shipping, and I have never been able to ship a hat for less than $20 so I am offering this hat for $250, which will include shipping to the contiguous 48 states. Hat box is not included. Alley Kat Whiskey 01.jpg Alley Kat Wiskey 02.jpg Alley Kat Whiskey 03.jpg Mahovich writing.jpg Canes with Sizer.jpg
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