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Car guys help!!

Tin Pan Sally

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Ahwatukee, Arizona, USA
Close, but no cigar-shaped car.

No, that's not the one. That QuickTime clip of all the knicker-clad kids piling out of it like a clown car is great though! The one I have in mind looked less like a teardrop trailer, more compact. One of my gal pals thinks it might have been a 1940-41, rather than early 30s. We've seen the footage as part of newsreel loops and auto ads. Sorry to have dragged all of you in to our maddening obsession, scouring the web, auto mags, and public libraries.

While we are looking a three-wheelers, these aren't it, but they are fun:

"Jesus Chrysler Super Car"


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Melbourne Australia
Keep the engine stock, take your time, pull the engine down and DONT take any short cuts. The time saved by taking short cut often ends in tears.Remember this is not Orange County Choppers or one of the many buildem up car shows. A good car is like a good women take your time,attention to detail, frequent service and lots of tender loving care.


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City of the Angels
One thing for sure the Messerschmitt and BMW Isetta pictured above as examples of the type you're thinking of are quite expensive now relative to what they are and their original market niche. 3-wheeled Morgans are also pricey as are literally any of the vejicles people have pictured. Those Isettas and Messerschmitts go for $10-12,000 in restored condition and are not user friendly when it comes to parts and repair. Theye sure don't drive well relative to today's traffic flow.

How about something like a Hudson? Nice looks, obtainable price and enough mainstream interest for a parts network out there.