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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by dannyk, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. dannyk

    dannyk Practically Family

    237EFFAF-3F8A-4F03-9F6D-FB1B8CA2D970.jpeg 3FDC6E56-7C66-4E68-86E7-4D1954DB83D0.jpeg 878C6012-201B-4ABA-A818-DCE02509E20C.jpeg 4186A351-1B98-4783-A2AF-6CEA4714FC94.jpeg 09EB989F-3AE4-40B2-89B5-A48BEAE55D3B.jpeg B37449CA-CE03-4A7D-A56E-913317E783DA.jpeg With my fiancé and I moving in together for our first home. I was helping her move and we found this jacket buried in a closet at her parents home. Both her parents were “bikers” but neither remembers where this jacket came from. And I know it’s a more fashion/mall jacket based on the label. But I have to say for being that kind of jacket it’s damn nice. I honestly was super impressed. Very thick leather, I would say on par with my Vanson CW. Not nearly as dense or as “heavy” this is much more spongey. But still very thick. All the zips on this are big and rock solid especially the large YKK main zip. Has a surprisingly warm zip in liner. No loose threads or tears I’ve come across. Being a random buried in a closet find put a few buttons on it as I’m not concerned about damage or resale value. Was just a very nice day when you pull out a jacket that fits you perfectly, almost as if made for you, is in mint condition and for being a fashion/mall jacket being this nice.
  2. ton312

    ton312 I'll Lock Up

    Looks just like a Lesco to me!
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  3. Will Zach

    Will Zach Practically Family

    Northeast USA
    You'll score a million points with your fiance if you wear it. Nice jacket.
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