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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by DaveProc, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. DaveProc

    DaveProc One of the Regulars

    Rhode Island
    Does anyone have any experience with the Tanker Jacket made by Cockpit? do they run large or small? I am a big guy and would like to do a tribute jacket for my grandfather's unit on this recent 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Rome and his participation. He was a truck driver and heavy machinery operator in an Army Air Forces that was strafed wonded transporting supplies to Monte Casino and then was sent on detached service to an armor unit where drove a tank during the push to Rome. He was wounded a second time when his tank was hit by German artillery when he and the tank crew were sleeping under the tank. The men on either side of his both died but shielded him from some of the blast.
    My grandmother had a photo of him in a tanker jacket with his AAF unit insignia. Alas, the photo is in the hands of another family member and I no longer have access to it.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    Contact them directly - if you get the owners (Jeff or Jacky Clyman) - who often respond to emails, you will get good information. Good luck.
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  3. nick123

    nick123 I'll Lock Up

    I have one (the cotton lined plain one) in either a L or XL I'd be happy to measure for you. Just PM me or I'll forget. :)

    It's a highly wearable jacket. I wouldn't call the quality out of this world, but it certainly makes for a nice beater/everyday piece.
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  4. regius

    regius One Too Many

    New York
    Revisiting the topic on tanker, don't see a lot discussion here (maybe over on the VLJ). Just watched the new Netflix WW2 in color, reminded me of Band of Brothers and Hell is for Heroes etc, been meaning to ask "is the tanker jacket actually a warm jacket?". Ardenne, European winter, is cruesome, but these young soldiers mostly are not covered in visually warm coats or sheepskins, but mostly just in tankers.
    In winter I normally wear a cashmere sweater, very lightweight but extremely toasty, beats a B3. Is the wool lined tanker somewhat like a wool cartigan/sweater?

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