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    Hi all,

    A few words here about trading OTR and other audio materials. Current copyright law in the United States specifies that all sound recordings -- with the exception of those specifically placed in the public domain by law, such as the utterances of the President, and materials specifically donated to the Government for such purposes, such as Edison recordings -- are protected by copyright until the year 2067. That being so, we cannot use the Lounge as a base for publicly swapping, trading or downloading any sort of audio recordings due to possible liability issues if a copyright holder should complain. Other sites do so, but they do so at their own risk, and that's a risk to which we don't want to subject MK or the Lounge. Because of that, please be aware that direct download links or links to audio download sites are not permitted. This specifically and explicitly includes any links to the Internet Archive, which despite its claims offers a great deal of material in its old-time-radio section which is very much under current copyright.

    Podcast links are acceptable, since the podcaster bears full responsibility for the copyright status of the material he presents.

    Copyright law differs in other countries, but since the Lounge is based in the United States, US law must apply.

    For reference on this issue see (Link updated as of June 2012)

    Copyright will not be debated or discussed here. Threads or posts attempting to do so will be deleted.
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