Death of a Newspaper

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by MisterCairo, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Fading Fast

    Fading Fast

    New York City
    I've been told all the wonders about having my pieces "published -" all the "eyeballs," the "personal brand building," blah, blah, blah. Like Lizzie and others, I already have my name out there on published pieces both before and after the internet and that and $2.50 gets you a subway ride. I get paid to write or I don't do it - all this barter, publicity stuff means nothing to me. While barter can work and legally (or not - I don't know the law on barter) reduces taxes, and there are probably some intelligent internet barter deals in place, in general, I think all this free exchange for "eyeballs" or "hits" or "brand building" is a house of cards that will crash and wipe out a meaningful subset of internet companies. Maybe then, the survivors will have to start paying for content - we'll see, I have been wrong before.
  2. Harp

    Harp I'll Lock Up

    Chicago, IL US
    Morse's Mark 2 Jaguar is a classic as was the man himself. I had a collision with the Internal Revenue Service over my '94XJS Jaguar convertible-another classic, gone but not forgotten.;)
  3. MisterCairo

    MisterCairo I'll Lock Up

    Gads Hill, Ontario
    One of my favourite cars!
  4. Capesofwrath

    Capesofwrath Practically Family

    Somewhere on Earth
    That vinyl roof and the non standard colour was a bit of a disaster though.
  5. Cricket

    Cricket Practically Family

    Our town is very small but we are under 10k in circulation. Worked for the state newspaper giant daily once and their business has suffered. The once massive Sunday edition of the mega news giant now takes a mere few minutes to read because it's dwindled down in content and size.
    But for our rural, community coverage...I still wake up everyday loving what I do and the business I'm in. Once you get ink on your hands, you can never wipe it off :)

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