"Do the tighten up" (how to shrink leather jackets to fit better?)

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by johnnyjohnny, Oct 12, 2007.

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    OK. so I do understand those that worry, I understand selling as an option and understand the risks involved in washing/drying.
    However, I have seen the same 660 jacket new with tags going for a fraction of what I paid, mine being used as per ebay policy,
    will make me lose more than I am willing to accept. This is a brand new jacket, only tried it on and never actually used it to go anywhere.
    As per the risks of the washing machine/dryer, if it is good leather what could happen? I rode in the rain and the leather jacket or boots did fine afterwards. Boots just need newspaper into them, works a charm.
    I would think the dryer should be used with care, checked every 5 minutes or so, Houston heat in July is like a dryer, and jackets do fine.
    Not to start an argument here but it puzzles me that some people would worry about machine washing a leather jacket but then ride a motorcycle without a helmet. What can go wrong with a jacket? What can go wrong with a crash?

    Update: Washed an old model F Vanson I got recently off ebay. Gentle wash with just a little mild soap, then let it dry overnight in the Houston heat.
    Next day, put it inside and let the AC do the last but of drying. Got a Pecard leather conditioner and rubbed the jacket with it, used most of the 6oz I had.
    It is better than new now. No size change but got rid of smell, the sweat of the previous owners, it is broken in but smells like new.

    Cheers, will post when I do the 660, she will go into the dryer, that is for sure, need to find a quiet day at home to do it.

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