Do you like to watch Mystery Shows on TV?

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by LostInTyme, Jun 7, 2021.

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    If you like mysteries on TV, I have several to recommend. First, there are three series that are related. Inspector Morse was the first followed by Lewis and again followed by Endeavour. Now, comes the hitch. Endeavour is actually a prequel to Inspector Morse, being the accountings of young Detective Constable Endeavour Morse, then followed by Inspector Morse and again followed by Lewis who succeeds to become Inspector after Morse dies.

    There are others I would recommend, Foyles War, Midsommers Murders. and they do go on from there. We are hooked on British Mystery series offered on both Nexflix and Amazon. You may have to subscribe to Acorn TV or BBC America on Amazon to see them, but they are worth the cost. Good TV that makes you think and want to watch more.

    Oh, one thing, you may want to use subtitles, because English spoken by the British is a bit different than American vernacular.
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    Huge fan. Canadians watch a lot of British TV, most of us do fine with the accents, occasionally a thick Scots brogue needing a bit of help.

    Morse, Frost, Cracker, Lovejoy, Midsummer Murdrers, Prime Suspect, Dalziel and Pascoe, tons of older ones.

    Luther, Line of Duty, Shetland, Hinterland, Marcella, tons of newer ones.

    I even count Hamish Macbeth as a mystery.

    Love them. Check out Britbox streaming service as well.
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    We've watch most of the ones you listed. We use Acorn and BritBox through Amazon Prime. Outlander, although not a mystery is a pretty good series. Once we got started, we searched for more, and found them. They seem to be better written than U.S. shows. And, the acting is far and away better than U.S. offerings. The shows aren't about noise, blowing up stuff and crashing cars.
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    We happened upon Marcella a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Ended a little weird, if I remember correctly, though.

    While not British, we also caught a show called Fortitude, set in Norway. We've only seen seasons 1 and 2, as the third and final installment isn't available yet.

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    I like all the Morse oeuvre. I remember one scene at the end of an Endeavor episode that gave me chills. Young Morse is driving his boss's Jaguar at the end of the episode. He looks up to the rear-view mirror to adjust it and sees in the reflection John Thaw.
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    Watched “Knives Out” the other night (which my daughter loves). I couldn’t get past Daniel Craig’s bad southern accent. When, at the end, one of the bad guys said “you sound like Foghorn Leghorn”, I laughed out loud.
  7. LostInTyme

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    Objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear.................

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