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do you wash your hair everyday?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by gilli, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. scarletgrenadine

    scarletgrenadine New in Town

    I try to let three days pass between washings. I would like to go longer, as I see that frequent washing dries out my hair. As well, my hair is long and abundant, so washing means a lot of blow drying and styling. It's just too time-consuming. I occasionally use a jasmine-scented dry shampoo powder to eek out an extra day.
  2. Kim Covell-Campbell

    Kim Covell-Campbell New in Town

    Oawatomie, Kansas
    Every day girl here. Something about not washing it everyday makes me feel icky. I'm sure it is all in my head though.
  3. Wire9Vintage

    Wire9Vintage A-List Customer

    I've never washed my hair daily and my daughters don't either. I wash it when it's dirty, and that depends on the temperature and what I've been up to. A good shower cap has always been a must for me.
  4. Tenuki

    Tenuki One of the Regulars

    I am currently sporting a Middy, which is short for me. My hair gets very dry and damaged when I shampoo it more than twice a week, I shampoo my hair once a week. Conditioners tend make my hair oily, so I don't bother. Between shampoos, I wet my hair during my morning shower, typically every other day. However, this summer has been unseasonably hot, so I've been wetting it every day. It's dry by the time I get to work.
  5. Nora

    Nora New in Town

    I usually Wash about every third day, sometimes every second. Sometimes I drag it out longer. In curls the greasiness doesn't show, so you get away with being lazier....
  6. Grnidwitch

    Grnidwitch A-List Customer

    I wash my hair everyday. I use a good shampoo and conditioner and a leave-in spray every other day or when my hair seems dry. I don't use any product (hair spray, root lifter, etc) and I don't color my hair. My hair is shiny and healthy.
  7. Sharpsburg

    Sharpsburg One of the Regulars

    I used to wash every other day, but now I am at that "time of life" where I am almost too afraid to wash much at all. It is falling out by the handful! I'm seeing a doctor about rogaine, or something! Nobody warned me about this!
  8. thebo

    thebo New in Town

    iwash every 2 days. i have the very long hair
  9. MarieAnne

    MarieAnne Practically Family

    I'm in the process of transitioning to no-poo. I started off with Neutrogena's "anti-residue shampoo" and then only washed with water. During the following 4-5 days, my hair went from dry and frizzy to a very flat greasy stringy mess. I'm going to a Christmas ball on Saturday, so I decided to wash in a flaxseed setting lotion. I just boiled 1 tbsp of flaxseed in 3/4 cups of water for a few minutes and strained. I rubbed and massaged the lotion into my wet hair, focusing on the greasiest places, and then rinsed thoroughly. And the greasies are gone!!!
    I used to co-wash with Suave Naturals Coconut moisturizer, and it worked AMAZING! Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere anymore. I tried baking soda and apple cider vinegar. My hair felt great the first time, but after a few (maybe three) washes, my hair was brittle and straw like. Not doing that again!
    As far as bar shampoo, I think it depends on how the soap is prepared. Bar soaps that are meant to be moisturizing may not rinse clean. And those that are less moisturizing may be too harsh. The vinegar rinse is recommended because hair does better in slightly acidic conditions, and most 'soaps' are alkaline.
    I think it's worth noting. The quality of your water should be considered when determining your optimal hair care routine. If your water is hard, you might be better off with regular shampoo (just don't wet your hair between shampoos). I had very hard water while going to University. Every time I visited my parents, who had very soft water, my first shower at home usually resulted in several pantene-pro-V-commercial worthy moments.
  10. Oh lala!

    Oh lala! New in Town

    I was mine every 3 days or 4 days. My hair is quite long and I try to wash it only when it is dirty.
  11. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Every other day--I feel dirty if I wash it less than that. Some people can't stand to go without shaving, or brushing their teeth, or showering; for me, it's washing my hair.
  12. Little Black Car

    Little Black Car New in Town

    Houston, Texas
    Twice a week (Monday and Friday nights, usually). I've found that handling it less has saved me a lot of trouble. It's fine and tends to dry out badly if I over-wash it, even though my scalp is oily. I've also tried to keep combing and brushing to a minimum--just enough to put it in order. I'm collecting a lot less fallen hair from the sink and my brush than I was there for awhile. I don't bleach it, color it, or use any other products (not really as a matter of strict personal belief; I'm just not the type). It's mid-back length and spends most of its time in a braid, although I just got some new hairpins to see if I can finally get it to stay in a bun.
  13. MissEllie

    MissEllie New in Town

    I have curly hair, so it's dry and requires a lot of moisture. I don't use shampoo. Instead I have a bottle of "cleansing conditioner" but I use that maybe once a month (more in the summer, since sweat makes my scalp itchy). I condition/rinse it with water every day, however. This seems to work for my hair, but it took some time to get used to no shampoo.
  14. Ms*Raven*Lady

    Ms*Raven*Lady New in Town

    Sunny Florida!
    In the summer when I'm more likely to sweat I wash my hair twice a week, but in the winter I wash my hair once a week. I find that my hair behaves much better this way. Also, I leave conditioner in my hair for a few minutes and then shampoo. I read somewhere that this prevents conditioner from building up. It seems to work okay for me. :)
  15. AvavanBlythe

    AvavanBlythe Familiar Face

    Goodness. I couldn't go without showering or brushing teeth daily. Teeth = 3 times a day. Shower -- Everyday! Being half Filipina, I even manually bidet.

    I've been toying with my hair routine again. Normally I try not to use hair spray, because I like holding on to a set's curls. If I never use hair product, I'm fine with every 3 days. With a sleep cap it stays mostly intact.

    I also find it important to let sebum do its work in one's hair. People mistake it as gross oil, when it's how your scalp naturally moisturizes itself and your hair. It's an important barrier against the world. Jojoba oil is the closest thing to it, which I use with coconut oil in a lovely oil mask. Also, I have a wide-toothed "bohn" comb, or a comb made of natural resin, that I've had for at least 6 years. It's perfect for scritching, which exfoliates the scalp. And it feels so darned good.

    MissEllie - I've known a lot of women back on Long Hair Community who go "CO." It's all about working with your hair. Over-washing is a common problem.
  16. MissMorningGlory15

    MissMorningGlory15 New in Town

    New York
    Same but every day. My hair feels super disgusting to me if I don't wash it.
  17. Delma

    Delma New in Town

    Two to three times per week here. Dry shampoo in between.
  18. GypsyLyn

    GypsyLyn New in Town

    United States
    I have extensions so it's better to only wash every few days, but even before that I've always found it easier to style and not frizz if I only wash it once or twice a week.
  19. Helena Grace

    Helena Grace New in Town

    About six months ago I was to the point where I had to wash it every day to even try to make it look clean and I never had the time to. It was extremely dull and stiff and split, and althogether unhealthy. I actually changed my habits due to my fascination with history and my newfound ability to actually implement it. Obviously, people didn't have all of the shapoos and whatnot we have on the shelves today, so I looked into older ways to keep the hair clean. I used baking soda and water mixed and left in my hair for a few minutes before being rinsed out, and then 'conditioned' it with apple cider vinegar and water. First I washed it every other day and then extended another day, and now I can go from Saturday to Saturday without washing it. Granted, it's winter now and I don't exert myself unduly, so Summer might change things a bit, but nonetheless.

    This system of only washing once a week is wonderful for pincurls too as I get to keep them all week!!
  20. RebeccaMUA

    RebeccaMUA One of the Regulars

    Santa Monica, CA
    I take a shower daily, but I only wash my hair every 2 days (unless I got really sweaty during a workout) so it's dry shampoo in between. I saw a meme on Instagram that made me giggle because it said "By Friday my hair is 90% dry shampoo". That's closer to the truth in some cases!

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