Eastman AN-J-4 Merino 38

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    I have decided to sell one of the jackets in my collection which just doesn’t get enough wear.

    John, a lover and expert on all jackets sheepskin, has just sold one of these superb jackets and can testify to the quality of the merino sheepskin.

    This is one of the earlier jackets Eastman produced and is in superb condition with only patina wear to the horse hide reinforcements, the sheepskin shows little to no wear at all!

    This is a great chance to buy on the Eastmans iconic jackets in one of their better hides.

    the sheepskin is super soft and plush which has curled perfectly to original examples, and the top coat is of the more pliable type and not the papery finish the newer ones have.

    All hardware works perfectly, snaps zipper, buckles etc.

    The size is 38 and measurements are:
    Chest Pit to pit (front): 21.5”
    Pit to pit (back): 22”
    Shoulder: 19.5”
    Sleeve: 23.5”
    Back length: 24.5

    I have enjoyed this jacket, but wear my Irvine and B-6 much more, plus selling this will fund another An-j-4 original.

    I am asking £550 shipped worldwide.







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